10 Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

In this article, I will show the 10 best Android apps. To choose one app out of many, is very difficult but by looking at this article, you can make your decision easier. There are various types of apps use for various kinds of things. If you are looking for the best app that suits your demand, then you can choose one from the list because these all are the best you got. So, here are the 10 best Android apps.

Best Android Apps

1.) Cloud Magic:

Cloud Magic Is Considered to Be the Best Android App. Cloud Magic is used to manage different email account. By using this, you can operate multiple emails at the same time. Over 4 Million peoples had downloaded this app till now, and the numbers are increasing day by day because it provide the user the best service they want, and you can operate all your emails accounts at the same time on your smartphone. Most of the features of this app are free, and the free version is the better on because it has lots of new features.

Download Cloud Magier Now From Play Store

2.) The Google Drive suite

The Google Drive is a cloud storage service which allows new users to 15 GB of storage, when they sign up. It is a free service which is available on all Android devices. In Google Drive Suite, you can operate Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos and Google Keep. This makes this app so special and easy to use. It has a sharing feature, which allows you to share photos and music. Google Drive Suite is very easy to use, and it has good features in it.

Download Google Drive Suite From Play Store

3.) Groupon

Groupon is a popular coupon app, which helps a user to find best deals and coupons for events, etc. in a nearby area. If you found any coupon, you can use that immediately, and you can keep it for future use. There are various option and coupons for holidays, vacation, etc. It is not available in all regions, so you need to check that if it is available in your country or not. It is a free, and you can easily download from Google Play.

Download Groupon From Play Store

4.) LastPass

LastPass is the best password manager app available free on play store. It saves a lot of time. While Using Lastpass, you need not had to type your password again and again. You just need to save your password at LastPass and next time LastPass Will Automatically free your log in details. Every time you log in to a new website, the LastPass Will Automatically saves your login details. This service is very safe, and it is the most trusted app. Although the LastPass is free but if you want to go for a premium, you can go. Premium version will provide you additional features.

Download LastPass From Play Store


5.) Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is considered to be the best launcher because it has lots of customizable tools, it is updated with latest features, and it has 5-star rating at Google Play Store. It is available in both versions, free and premium. In the premium version, you will get additional features. You can customize your folder icon or create groups. It has lots of features, and I considered to go with premium version because it gives more features, more updates, and more tools. If you want to go with free, you can go, there is no big difference. Just Enjoy it.

Download Nova Launcher From play Store

6.) Pocket

Imagine, if you found something on Funny on Google plus and you want to view it later, Pocket Allows you to see it later. It works with news app, Facebook, etc. It is very easy to use. If you found something funny or good stories on the internet and you want to view that story later, you can only use the pocket to see it later. It has a browser extension so the user can use it on PC as well. With My Experience, this app is amazing and very easy to use, and it will provide you all features that you want.

Download Pocket From Play Store

7.) Pocket Casts

Many peoples like podcasts and if you also like podcasts, and you don’t know that which app is the best to watch podcasts. I considered downloading Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts allows a user to download or steam many podcasts. It supports both audio and video podcasts. It has a good interface with a light and dark theme. It has also Sign up Facility so that you can choose your podcasts. It is very easy to use, but it is not free. It is a paid app, but it has lots of features to discover.

Download Pocket Cast From Play Store

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8.) Solid Explorer

We heard about lots of file explorer, but Solid Explorer is considered to be the best File Explorer. Solid Explorer has a nice interface and good support of latest cloud services. It is a paid app. However it will give you 14 – days trail, so you can explore and then buy it. This app comes with a cheaper price. It also has material design feature. It has a 4.6-star rating on Google Play Store, and I considered you to use this app.

Download Solid Explorer From Play Store

9.) SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is considered to be the most powerful and customizable keyboard. It has great features, and it is the best keyboard in the Google Play Store. It is available for free, and you can buy themes also. It has a great feature called “SwiftKet Flow” that is used for gesture typing. It also supports multiple languages, and it has some more great features also. It comes with news features in every update, and I am using it for 3 months and didn’t any problem.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard From Play Store

10.) Zedge

Zedge allows you to download live wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, alarm, games, etc. It gives Special themes on festivals likes Christmas, etc. It is not the best app as the advertisements are irritating users. However, it is a good app as it has best ringtones and it is available free on Google Play Store. In their last update, they change their interface, and now its interface looks good and easier to use. If you want some good wallpapers or ringtones, then download this app.

Download Zedge From Play Store

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