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Plex plugins offer flexibility and enhanced controls to improve performance and, therefore, the user experience. Plex plugins allow users access to their favorite web services on TV and mobile devices and enable them to access LIVE TV.

However, due to some recent changes with the Plex framework, it no longer offers plugin support. But, Plex plugins can still be accessed manually through side-loading. Before we go over some of the best Plex plugins, we will teach you how side-loading works.

10 Best Plex Plugin


To side-load Plex plugins, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Plex plugin of your preference.
  • Extract the files and copy them to your local Plex Media Server Plugin folder.
  • Ensure that the file format ends with “.bundle”.
  • Once the files have been extracted, restart Plex to access the new plugin.

Now that you understand how to side-load a plugin, below are our picks for the best Plex plugins of 2020;


This plugin achieved prominence due to its SD and HD channels in, virtually, every category and genre. Not just that, the FilmOn plugin also makes the streaming experience more amusing because of the integration of television options in most countries. Some of FilmOn’s best features are;

  • It has more than 600 LIVE TV streams.
  • Its VoD (video on demand) collection includes more than 45,000 movies in SD and HD.
  • It has remote DVR capability.
  • It doesn’t have any digital ads on live programming.


Renowned for its enormous movie collection, this movie plugin gives its users access to thousands of movies worldwide. IceFilms contains multiple genres, both domestic and international. Their content is always changing and updating with the most up-to-date, trending shows and blockbuster films.


It’s difficult to find a better Plex plugin that provides more LIVE TV content and lives sports programming than cCloudTV. It has a massive database with worldwide programming options.

However, the only downside with cCloudTV is dead and broken links. It’s not as reliable as others from this viewpoint. If you still want to use this plugin, mentioned below are some of its finest features;

  • Private playlists, EPG support, IMDb support
  • Bookmarking
  • Search queue’s
  • Parental controls
  • Pins


Notorious for its cable-like experience, IPTV accesses its content from an extensive library of sources found online. This could be advantageous as it provides an array of live-streaming options for users, and the entertainment zone contains numerous categories, including sports, movies, and more.


This plugin was newly removed from the Plex servers. But with the use of WebTools, you can gain access to this great plugin. Trakt is acknowledged for its immense synching capabilities, allowing you to sync information from Netflix, Hulu, and many more. Trakt can also sync your playlists through your Trakt ID.


Ombi provides an exclusive web portal that allows you to manage online requests for downloads through their Plex server. All you have to do is request a download through the available portal, and once it’s done downloading, you’ll be notified automatically.

The Ombi web portal is one of the most potent Plex plugins of 2020, as it’s quite flexible – from users demanding your content to users reporting issues.


Internet Archive doesn’t receive the credit that it deserves. It represents an extraordinary archive for everything related to media. For instance, you’ll have access to free software, books, audio content, and full-duration movies and video content.


The BBC iPlayer provides an abundant means for European content. If you like British content and media, BBC iPlayer is the plugin you need. This plugin allows Plex users to access the latest BBC resources for the finest material. And above all, the content is of premium quality.


WebTools is a Plex store that provides applications for the Plex Media Server. Before accessing WebTools, it is recommended that you set up a password through Plex.


You’re probably familiar with Spotify. However, Spotify isn’t officially a Plex plugin, but its premium subscription option permits users to access their content and information through the Plex Media Server. So, if you’re into music, Spotify is the plugin for you. Some of its finest features that can be accessed through Plex are mentioned below;

  • Download anywhere, and listen to music anywhere
  • On-demand playback
  • No advertisements


This article is your all-inclusive guide if you’re searching for top-notch plugins for Plex. We’ve compiled this list based on reviews, rankings, and experiences. We hope that this article is adequate for your requirements!

If you need plugins besides these, there are numerous exceptional plugins out there. While this article should be where your search ends, there are some unknown, remarkable plugins online. Remember to always look at reviews and ratings, and, as a rule of thumb, if something’s too good to be true, it probably is.


Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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About the Author: Andrew

Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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