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rabb.it alternatives

Over the years, streaming movies and shows online has become a prominent part of the internet that we use on a routine basis. Nothing is better than binge-watching an entire television series on your smartphone or computer or streaming a movie with friends. For these moments, people have used websites, such as Rabb.it, to stream movies and music.

Once, Rabb.it used to be the only platform that people would use to stream movies and music while chatting with some friends online. However, the eminence of Rabb.it has caused many alternative websites to compete in the market as the prevalent movie streaming website. In this article, we will mention our picks for 15 alternatives to the dominant Rabb.it and explain what features these websites provide.

What is Rabb.it


Rabb.it, also acknowledged as Rabbit, was a movie and music streaming website, as well as a smartphone application. Rabb.it was released in 2014 in the United States and enabled more than one user to stream movies at the same time, on the internet. As the host, you could create a room and invite others to join you, or even make it public for anyone to join.

As the host, you could stream content on the website with “Rabbitcast”, a virtual computer, or the browser extension, “Share on Rabbit”. You could stream content online with both audio and video to anyone that would join your room. And, Rabb.it also provided users with a real-time chat that users could use to communicate with other members in the room.

15 Rabb.It Alternatives & Similar Websites


#1: RAVE

Rave is a media-streaming platform that enables users to stream videos and audio while chatting with other users in real time. It features content from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Reddit, and many more platforms. You can download Rave on iOS and Android, and even connects with VR devices with the RaveVR application.


Kosmi is more of an online hangouts platform that enables users to stream videos, play games, or chat. You can share your screen with others and play online multiplayer games, such as Quake 3 with friends and strangers.


SNYAPTOP is an online movie and music streaming website that enables users to join and stream videos together. It has a simple user interface and it’s completely free to use!

#4: KAST

Kast is a simple platform that enables the host to share movies, music, games, and much more with over 100 people at a time. It is available to download on Windows and macOS, and Kast is coming to iOS in the future as well.


Explorii is one of the most recent applications that have come up as a Rabb.it alternative. On Explorii, you can communicate with users across the world and chat with them through video and audio. You can also create private rooms to stream movies and chat as well. And, it’s free!


SimulChat enables users to stream movies and YouTube videos, and chat with others. You can also set a password to permit only certain users to access the room. SimulChat also enables users to share files and video chat.


Syncplay permits multiple formats for video and audio streaming. It’s a simple and free-to-use application. However, other users will have to install the application as well to view your stream.


Sync-Video debuted on the internet in 2013 and has since become a rather eminent website. On Sync-Video, you can create private rooms and stream YouTube videos without any stuttering. You can also install the Sync-Video extension on your browser!


Blatube enables users to stream videos from Dropbox and YouTube. As a host, you can create active rooms where users can participate and stream the videos. Not only is Blatube free, but it also requires no registration to create rooms.


Togethr TV provides a simple but modern user interface, where you can stream movies and shows from Netflix, Hulu, and some other premium streaming services. You can also stream videos and audio from your computer, and the website also supports audio chat.


If you’ve ever used Netflix, you know what this means! ANDCHILL enables you to create rooms and stream movies and music online. You also receive access to hundreds of public rooms and can invite your friends as well.


On Wavelength, you can create rooms, where you can chat with others users, stream videos and audio, and invite your friends to join as well. However, the website is based on a dated user interface so you might face some complications with the website.


As the name suggests, ShareTube enables you to create rooms to stream YouTube videos with friends. You can also create a playlist that you and your friends can access. However, you can only stream YouTube videos on this website!


Airtime is a smartphone application that is available to download on both iOS and Android. You can stream movies and music with your friends, set up a video chat, send messages, share GIFs and play games together.


Watch2Gether is a free website where you can create rooms to chat and stream music and videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Vimeo, and Amazon. You can invite friends to your room or join others’ rooms.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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