2 Easy Ways How to Watch Videos Frame By Frame on YouTube

youtube frame by frame

The keyboard has two shortcuts that are quite useful for watching YouTube videos frame by frame. These shortcuts are the comma and the full stop. When you pause a video using the pause button, space bar, or letter K.

But, bear in mind that these keyboard shortcuts can only work if the video creator encoded it for a frame-by-frame view. Not to worry because most video creators are aware, and they create it that way. However, if you come across a video that is not encoded, you can use the online tool for the same. 

How to Watch Videos Frame By Frame on YouTube

Pressing the comma (,) nudges the video a frame back while (.) nudges the video a frame forward. The two make it so easy to manage a video if one wants to get details from a particular part of the video or take a screenshot. The keys J and L move the video 10 seconds at once. Let us dive into the details of these shortcuts!

Reasons for playing videos on YouTube frame by frame 

Watching a video on youtube is typically good enough, but you might want some more detail. And that is how you decide to play it frame by frame to get the features you need. Below are more reasons why you might want to do that:

  1. You may need to see a subliminal image but fail to find the keyboard shortcut fast enough, and the video advances.
  2. After creating a video, you may want to review it frame by frame and get all the subtle details.
  3. You may be the curious kind looking for new magic tricks on youtube videos.
  4. If you are watching tutorial videos, you may want to slow the video to catch details.

Two ways to watch videos on youtube frame by frame

Learn keyboard tricks and enjoy your videos at the speed of your choice. Regardless of the nature of the video you are watching, the detail is essential. And, the best part is, you can get it on youtube by pressing a few buttons and then watching the video frame by frame. You can use keyboard shortcuts or your browser to achieve it.

watch videos frame by frame

NOTE: Keyboard shortcuts will only work if during creation the video is encoded to be viewed frame by frame. And, most video creators encode videos when making them. But, if you come across one that is not encoded, give the online tool a try.

#1: The keyboard Shortcut 

The steps below will guide you to easily view videos frame by frame on YouTube.

  1. Go to YouTube and Log in or simply launch it
  2. Search and identify your video of choice
  3. You can begin to watch the video by pressing the play
  4. As it plays, pause the video by hitting the spacebar or the pause button on the screen. Once it is on pause, hit the (<) comma to rewind the video by a frame. If you want to move forward, press (>) period. Now you can decide how to navigate the video frame by frame.

NOTE: The (,) and (.) keys share buttons with (< and >). But a single press takes avails each.

#2: Using the online tool 

The other alternative way to view videos frame by frame on YouTube is by making use of the watch frame-by-frame. It is a free web application that plays a video as the name states following the steps below. 

  1. Identify the video of interest and copy its URL to the address bar.
  2. Open the Watch Frame by Frame website then paste the video link and tap Watch Video.
  3. Hit pause then now customize the video by frame as you want it.
  4. Now you can play the video and watch it as you have set it to frame by frame.

Unlike the keyboard shortcut method, you don’t have to hit the YouTube hotkey frame by frame. But, a configuration of the settings can automatically play the video by frames.


The online tool offers more options to view the video besides the keyboard shortcut. You have an opportunity to play the video frame by frame or in slow motion. Also, you can decide how many frames you want to watch in a second. The tool is compatible with all windows browsers and chrome.

You must have a reason for playing a video on youtube frame by frame. Now that you have two options to achieve this go ahead and enjoy your videos. Also, you can share this post to help others. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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