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Computer Tricks and Tips is a bloggers website that provides useful information to people with interest or passion for technology. How Does it feel to resolve an issue that bothers you or hinders you from using your computer typically? Is it a great feeling, right? Well, CTT is the right place to get practical tips on anything technology, including mobile phones, PCs, the internet, photoshop tutorials, reviews, Windows tricks and much more.

Today smartphones are so advanced that you can perform any task, official and personal on the go. The hacks on CTT will give you more knowledge on how to make maximum use of your cell and also have fun using it. There are hundreds of functions that you may not be conversant with, but not to worry as CTT outlines them for you.

Our provisions give you fast solutions to common and uncommon problems without having to research and read widely. Why? Because all the donkey work has been done for you. Being a digital era, we understand that you need to stay aloof with new tricks and techniques to make both your work and life more comfortable.

Besides solving technological issues, CTT is home to the latest trends around technology information you will find under our blog. We update it often with all the relevant information for you. If you heard about it somewhere, then confirm with CTT because the facts will be waiting for you here. 

Computers are not everyone’s cup of coffee which is why our goal here is to familiarize our readers with all the necessary information to make it simple. People are intimidated by tech terminologies, but we must demystify the tech language and make all our readers comfortable to face and handle any challenge that comes away. 

We have invested heavily on this site for you, and we believe it will serve the purpose and answer all questions and solve any related problems. Enjoy our informative content and you can share with others facing the same.