types of cameras

Different Types Of Cameras in 2020

Cameras are used all over the world to take pictures of golden memories, or just capture the moment. There are several types of cameras, some just for ordinary people, and…

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error 31 other network problem

Error 31 Other Network Problem – [The Complete Fix]

Verizon is an American telecommunication company covering a significant part of the US. And it is the most popular Cellular service provider in the US. The company has over 100…

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youtube frame by frame

2 Easy Ways on How to Watch Videos Frame By Frame on YouTube

The keyboard has two shortcuts that are quite useful for watching YouTube videos frame by frame. These shortcuts are the comma and the full stop. When you pause a video…

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gpu fan is not spinnig

GPU Fan Is Not Spinning – Know The Reason & How To Fix It

For a gaming computer, the GPU is conclusively the most important hardware component. It provides all the horse-power required to run any game and also assists in other processes, such…

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cube pc cases

Best Cube PC Cases

Cube PC cases are gaining popularity fast, and it isn’t because of the shape. Cube PC cases make cable-management as easy as it gets, and even provide better airflow with…

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ring doorbell battery life

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Review

A version 2 of the original Ring Video Doorbell was just released, and it’s a massive upgrade from the original one. The set-up procedure was quite tedious, but it did…

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use a laptop as a monitor

How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor

Whether your monitor doesn’t work or you want to expand your workstation, your laptop can be used as a monitor for your computer. Content creators often use multiple monitors to…

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tech blogs

Top tech blogs to visit at any time

Blogging is a natural source of knowledge and information about the latest trends in the world. Through this source, we can live in the community with success, and it is…

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Alternatives of Tiktok

Top 5 Alternatives To TikTok

In the recent years, TikTok has become one of the most renowned smartphone application across the world. However, with that eminence, came some consequences! In some countries, TikTok has been…

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Can I change my apple ID without losing everything

Can I change my apple ID without losing everything?

You want to change your Apple ID but don’t know the answer to the question: “Can I change my apple ID without losing everything?” Well, if you change your Apple…

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