How People are Using Proxies for Automated Instagram Marketing

Instagram is not just one of the most popular social media platforms today, but also the fastest growing. There are more than one billion users on Instagram, and it continues to grow as the platform introduces new features and attracts more users from around the world. For professionals, influencers, and brands, a good Instagram presence is a must.

This means investing in great posts and other content – such as Instagram Stories and longer videos for IGTV – and gaining a lot of new followers. In many cases, gaining followers is something best achieved by using proxies. Are you interested in how people are using proxies for automated Instagram marketing? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Managing Multiple Accounts

The most straightforward way to gain more followers is by managing multiple accounts. When you have a lot of Instagram accounts to use, you can use more marketing and promotional tactics, including growing your follower counts by following each other.

Marketers also go beyond that and use multiple accounts for cross-promotion purposes. Accounts that target different audience segments can promote each other and consolidate their followers. When done correctly and with a good strategy, this approach can help grow your followers substantially.

Of course, the entire process begins with creating and managing multiple accounts. Doing so with five or 10 accounts is manageable; trying to accomplish the same thing with hundreds of Instagram account, on the other hand, isn’t so easy.

The answer to this issue is automation. There are tools designed to automate the process of creating new Instagram accounts, verifying individual email addresses, posting photos and videos, and running multiple marketing campaigns. You won’t even have to be involved in the process. Software like Instazood handles everything for you.

Using Automated Tools and Bots

Using Instagram bots and automation tools is not without its risks. Use it incorrectly and you can get the Instagram accounts you have created banned and removed from the platform. Even worse, Instagram may choose to ban or suspend your primary account if you use the bots excessively or in a spammy way. On the other hand, you don’t get as many benefits from proxies as you would when you use them in conjunction with Instagram bots. The proxy servers only help with masking your IP address and providing added security measures to your Instagram automation. It is even possible to use proxies that use multiple IP addresses from different regions for an even more realistic look.

Using Bots with Proxies

Using Bots with Proxies

Proxies and Instagram bots complete each other, but you must first select an Instagram automation tool and set it up for use. This is a fairly simple process with most tools.

Once the automation tool is in place, it is time to add a proxy to it. Instagram will do more than just review and verify the email addresses used by your account, so it is best to set up your proxies from the start. There are several ways to integrate the proxies too.

Some tools let you add proxies directly to the system, so the bots will automatically run from predetermined proxy servers. Other tools have a more basic approach to integrating proxies, and you may have to set things up manually.

Regardless of the approach, you need an IP address for each account; not sharing an IP address is the safest way to go. This means you need 200 Instagram proxies if you have 200 added to the automation platform. Instagram will see your 200 accounts as 200 people from different parts of the world.

Choosing the Right Provider

Choosing the Right Provider

In the case of proxies for Instagram marketing automation, reliability is a factor that you really want to focus on. When the proxies are unreliable, you risk having your bots connecting to Instagram from different IP addresses. This would make them appear as if they are jumping from location to location, which is something that Instagram will flag when reviewing accounts and checking for suspicious activity.

Finding a reliable proxy service is now easy thanks to It has resources that will help you choose the most reliable proxy service provider to go for.

A reliable proxy service is the final piece of the puzzle. At this point, you can get started with setting up your Instagram automation tool, creating multiple accounts, and managing them in a safe and natural way. It will not be long before you can run complex Instagram marketing campaigns and growing your followers faster than ever. 

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