10 of the Best Free Email Service Providers

Best Free Email Service Providers

E-mail is that one source of communication the tech world hasn’t found a replacement for, and probably won’t – shortly at least. Therefore, it’s crucial to find the right email service provider. But how do you do that? It’s quite simple actually; all you need to do is go through the briefly-detailed descriptions of each of the free email service providers mentioned in this article.

Contrary to the popular belief, good email services don’t cost a fortune. Most of the reliable and credible email service providers offer their services free of cost. With the email providers in this list, you will be able to create a professional email account easily. Switching to a new service provider is something worth considering if you wish to avail the best of the facilities. Here are 10 of the Best Free Email Service Providers in 2018 –

1.) Gmail


The most unexpected one on the list, don’t you think? Gmail remains the most widely used and known email service provider and for a good reason. Its efficiency, reliability, and connectivity remain unparalleled. Its best features include free storage of up to 10GB, inbuilt video-calling, the ability to search emails through the right keywords, and a reliable spam filter.

Some cool additional features to keep in mind are simultaneous management of various email accounts, task reminders, customizable starred messages feature, smart replies (automated responses), and labs.

2.) Outlook


Both Gmail and Outlook provide a user-friendly interface, which of course is the most sought-after feature in any email service provider. A right-click on an email will present you with a bunch of options including delete, move, etc.

You can also connect your Outlook Mail account with Facebook, Skype, and some other services which would allow you to use those sites without leaving your Outlook space. Alike Gmail, Outlook also relies on its calendar to keep a track of upcoming events. What’s more is that you can log in to your Outlook account even if you have previously created an account on it, using your @live.com email or @hotmail.com email ID.

3.) AOL Mail

AOL offers some pretty basic features, including proper organization of emails, spam filters, customization, etc. However, it does have one special feature which makes it stand out from the rest, in the crowd of free email service providers, and that is access to IMAP and POP settings.

It also lets you configure alerts for emails from specific contacts, emails containing a pre-mentioned word, etc. There’s a myriad of sound options to choose from. In-browser sound facilities are supported as well. Contacts can be imported in the following file formats: TXT, CSV, or LDIF.

4.) ProtonMail


Encryption differentiates Proton from other free email service providers. It’s a premium feature that has been made accessible to everyone. Sending an email to another Proton user means the email would be encrypted automatically. But if you send an email outside Proton, make sure to click the ‘Encrypt’ option.

You can also set an expiration time before sending an email, to ensure the email gets deleted automatically on expiry. The free plan allows you to send up to 150 messages a day. And if you require more, you can opt for the premium plan by paying a subscription fee. Other features include automated replies, sub-accounts, etc.

5.) YandexMail


Yandex is a company based in Russia, known for its search engine and email services. Unique features supported by Yandex include ease of forwarding multiple emails, delay in the time when an email is to be sent, SMS copy for emails, use of URL for import of images, and multiple accounts management. You can use your Gmail or Yahoo account on the same page.

Plenty of beautiful theme options are also provided. One which stands out the most is the Weather theme, applying which you can view the local weather on your screen.

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6.) Yahoo!Mail

yahoo mail

Yahoo! Mail offers free chat options, SMS facilities, unlimited storage, and customization features. Multimedia integration brings videos, images, and slideshows straight onto your Yahoo mail screen. Files consuming up to 100 MB of space can be sent in just one email. An efficient email sorting facility is also pretty commendable.

7.) Hushmail


Hushmail’s website claims the email service to be the most secure in the world. Although the claim for ‘the most’ secure may not be true, Hushmail is undoubted ‘one’ of the most secure email service providers in 2018. Your Hotmail/Outlook account can easily be integrated with your Hushmail account. Give it a try!

8.) Mail.com


Mail.com has a collection of about 200 domain names for you to choose from. If you do not like any, by default it would be @mail.com. Unlimited storage, file attachment of up to 50MB, mobile support, Mail calendar, and multiple accounts integration are some features worthy of mention.

9.) ZohoMail


Zoho provides a lot of business apps that you might want to check out. All the apps are well-connected with ZohoMail. You can include tables and images in your emails from various sources including Zoho Docs, Google Drive, etc. A feature called ‘Streams’ enables you to create groups where you and your teammates can share docs and other attachments. Domains can be added to the black/white list.

10.) Tutanota


If your main requirement is security, then Tutanota is a great option for you. It provides end-to-end encryption, and also requires a strong and secure password for you to create an account. Most of its features are free but some are a part of its premium package for which you do need to pay. It supports email signatures, free storage of up to 1 GB, and automated contact creation.


As you can see, all email service providers have something they specialize in. Therefore, you should opt for the one that fits your requirements. Explore all the features and facilities offered by each of the free email service providers mentioned above to make optimum use of their capabilities. Some of the lesser-known providers listed in the article can raise doubts, but rest assured as they’ve been included in the list only after thorough research.


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