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Android users have advantages like customizing over competitors, which makes them fanatics. You can customize anything from the lock screen, Home Screen, app drawer, and UI elements to your needs. With so many customization options, almost all Android users have come across or tried KLWP Themes for Android. Keep reading to know more about the best KLWP themes for Android. 

However, those who have had no experience with KLWP are not left out as they will learn here. First, KLWP is a short form for Kustom LiveWallpapers, and it allows Android users to change and customize themes as they desire. These live wallpapers make your phone unique and beautiful. 

klwp themes

The Best KLWP Themes

For KLWP to work on your Android, you need a KLWP maker(Pro) with a supported launcher. There are launchers available on the Google play store like Nova Launcher that are perfectly compatible with KLWP. Before, Android users updated widgets through Zooper tools, but now KLWP has replaced it. You create a live wallpaper from the KLWP application with embedded details like text and animation.

1. Minimalist Experience

The title tells you what it is all about! Minimalist Change is one of the best KLWP Themes are skins or themes meant for minimalist fanatics and those who love simplicity. The home page only displays the Date, Time, and button for Favourite Apps. 

And there will be no other app on the homepage, but if you tap the Favourite Apps button, summon all other favorite apps according to your selection. As the theme applies, clean animations go along with anything that’s happening. 

The minimalist challenge offers different choices for background, and they are available in many languages. Besides animations, Minimalist also gives you news updates and entertains you with its music player. Tap on the plus tab on the top left to get these options. 

2. Orion

Although Orion is designed for Samsung devices, it is compatible with all android devices. Launch KLWP then locates the global tab which is where you make most changes like walls, colors, and everything. 

The number of presets increases by the day, even with its many presets, the ORION theme keeps your device intact. Download ORION for free on Google Play Store.

3. Flow

Flow has over fifteen wallpapers in the KLWP app, and it is available On the Play store. Future updates will add more wallpapers. The app is light with a good design collection and animation, and it costs about $1.

4. Animated Theme WALKING

Animated theme WALKING is a well-designed, energetic theme for a new device Android device. It is dark, with a cool interface, and you can download it for free. It is pertinent to say that it needs a launcher like Nova that is compatible with KLWP. Its presets are straightforward to apply. And here are the steps to follow:

  1. From Google Play Store, install the Animated KLWP theme WALKING and KLWP PRO 
  2. Launch the app and click on the menu icon( top left) to preset
  3. Locate the KLWP theme WALKING and click on it.
  4. Save the new theme by selecting “SAVE” on the top right.
  5. Now your theme is ready for you to explore the interface on your device. 
klwp theme

5. Black Mount

The black mount has an impressive User Interface (UI) with a search bar at its bottom with assistance from other tools like messages and emails. At the top of the top bar on the screen are the date, weather, and calendar widgets, and you can customize them to your liking. You can change the theme’s cool color background as often as you wish. 

6. Slide Card

The slide card has sliding interface navigation. The theme’s home screen has the typical search bar, widgets, and social network sites, and the small catchy menus easily slide, and you can modify them. The social networks at the top show movement to another page with all applications for interpersonal communication.

7. Material Home

Material Home is a KLWP theme that is clean and minimal, but its focus is on Google Assistant and Google Search. Its front page only shows the date, time, and tab for Google Assistant.

Once you tap the google button, beautiful animation will launch the Google Assistant. Below the Google Assistant tab are some App icons. Then below them, you will find the Google Search Bar. A swipe from the left summons Google Now page is different from the one on the stock Pixel Launcher. 

The Google Now Page has Google apps with icons at the top, news articles below, then the apps that frequently update below it. Tap on the “ Show Next Feed” button and open other items if you tap on it. 

Again, swiping from the left summons settings where you can make changes like enabling the dark theme, changing your wallpaper, and any other changes you may like. The theme is light for any android device, and you should feel free to try it.

8. Sleek Home

You can customize and modify the background, color, and font on the Sleek home that appears on your home screen. The feature that makes it one of the best Android themes is that it offers two theme options, including black and white themes. 

Like all other Android themes, it has a search bar on the home screen, widgets, and other tools such as the calendar, messages, music, and other icons in a different window, making navigation easy. 

klwp theme

9. Flash

Flash requires Nova Prime or any other launcher that supports KLWP to work correctly. Most launchers are compatible with it apart from the Go launcher. It customizes an Android to a new interface, and it has good graphics on three pages. The first page has the date, time, and weather basics, while page two displays the news feed, and the third shows a music player.

10. Gradient For KLWP

Yes, it has a gradient look for KLWP with smooth animations, and it is unique and productive in a different way. The preset display has two versions that display 18:9 and 16.9. Some items may appear misplaced, and you will have to re-adjust them for quick navigation as you like. 


Well, these are the best KLWP themes that can apply to customize your Android device, a feature that iOS cannot exploit. Get a launcher that is compatible with the app, then go ahead and try whichever theme works for you and ENJOY being unique.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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