Top 10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2019

Slow Motion Video Apps for Android
Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

The evolution in the smartphone industry has been incredible over the past couple of years. There is no doubt that a smartphone can do so many stuff then just calling a family member. Everyone should be fascinated by the fact that the pictures that flagship smartphones or even some mid-range budget takes are incredible and can be compared with the pictures taken by DSLRs.

Best Slow Motion Video App

One of the most interesting features about smartphone camera is their ability to record videos in slow motion. You can get great hardware from both Android and iOS for your smartphone camera that can shoot amazing slow motion. But what software or app that you use plays an important on how your recordings will turn out.

Everything from the frame rate and bit rates all hugely impacts the overall result. Ultimately, slow-motion videos really bring out the avid creativity in the shooter’s mind and can create content which can become a hit. So if you are looking for best slow motion video app then keep reading further.

1.) Slow Motion Video FX:-


Slow Motion Video FX can record videos in slow motion, and it even has a feature in which you can record fast videos or time lapse. The app also works as an editor where you can apply slow motion to your old as well as new videos in your gallery. The app is free to download; however, you will see ads here and there. So if you want completely free of ads Slow Motion Video FX, then you can download the pro version. This is the best slow-motion camera app.

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2.) Hudl Technique:-


Hudl Technique is created specifically for the sports environment where athletes can use this app to enhance their ability by watching the videos recorded from Hudl Technique. You can video simultaneously, and you can even play two videos at the same time for efficient analysis.

The app is available for free in both iOS and Android.

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3.) Coach’s Eye :-

Coach’s Eye

As the name of this app suggests, this is the app mostly use the coaches to improve the players. IT is great to analyze the player as it can record slow-motion videos and you can compare two videos side by side similar to Hudl Technique.  You can also watch the clip frame by frame which makes the app dynamic as it has an inbuilt editor as well. You can also share videos with your friends over social media. The app has a decent rating on the play store so you should definitely check it out.

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4.) AndroVid Pro Video Trimmer :-

AndroVid Pro Video Trimmer

AndroVid Pro Video Trimmer is more of a full-fledged video editor than slow motion. Of course, the app can take a decent quality to great quality slow motion depends on what smartphone you are using. The app has the basic as well as the pro version which is available for 1.6$. The pro version does not support the ads.

Apart from recording slow motion videos, you can trim videos, add background music and apply effects such as sepia, fade, and vintage.

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5.) SloPro:-


SloPro lets you shoot videos in slow motion and edit them in the post. The app can take time-lapse video, and you can also apply effects. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Trimming and applying effects are very easy. The render quality poor video produced by this app is of good quality. The videos will turn out better if you use an iOS device.

You can manipulate the rate of speed before recording and enjoy some amazing output. You can go from 3 times slower to 3 times faster.

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6.) Fast & Slow Motion Video tool:-

Fast & Slow Motion Video tool

Fast & Slow Motion Video tool is useful for post-production since it does not record videos. It uses the already recorded video to make it slow or fast according to your taste. You can edit a specific part of the video and can speed up the video up to 8X or make it slow till 1/8x. 

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7.) KM Player:-

KM Player is a video player with an interesting feature which made this app in the list. You can view the videos in your smartphone in its normal speed, slow motion, and fast motion. KM Player supports all the basic video format and delivers you the best output if you choose to manipulate the speed of the video.

You can easily access to the speed option of the app indicated as “+” and “-.” There are other useful settings which can change to bring out the best quality slow motion in your smartphone.

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8.) VideoShop:-

VideoShop is a feature-packed video editor with speed changing features to make your videos slower or faster. This app is very handy, and it is available on both iOS and Android.

You can trim the video and add background voice and music as well. After successfully editing the videos, you can easily share the video on Instagram, WhatsApp, facebook and twitter, etc.

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9.) Video Dieter 2:-

Video Dieter 2

In this app, you will find all the features that I have mentioned above for other apps like editing videos in slow motion and view the videos in real time, etc. But there is one unique feature of this app, and that is the ability to compress the video. You can compress large video files if you are low on storage.

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10.) Slow Motion Video:-

Slow Motion Video

Slow Motion Video is similar to KM Player, but it can record videos in slow motion, unlike KM Player. The app lacks seem less experience which makes the app hard to enjoy, but it works if you want a quick slow motion video.

Don’t expect the videos that come out of these apps will be incredible all the time especially if you are using a smartphone which does not even support slow-motion recording. However, if you have a decent camera phone, then you can get some amazing videos.

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