Best Third Party Uninstaller softwares (Free)

best third party uninstallers

In Windows removing software/programs is too easy but it is not nearly as simple as it should be. On Windows, you need to go to the control panel and then just click on uninstall the program.

Yet you might be surprised that the “uninstaller program” does not delete remove program completely. The uninstaller program doesn’t remove some files like- registry or program folders. You need a third-party uninstaller that can identify all program’s connections and ask to delete them. Its shows the registry files and folders. These tools completely batch uninstalling. And they all are uninstaller that is very easy and user-friendly.

There is so much third-party uninstaller software for free. We are confused about which one is the best third-party uninstaller software. So here are right uninstaller software for your needs….

3 best third-party uninstaller software:

1)Iobit Uninstaller 3 :

Lobit uninstaller 3 is free to uninstall tool for windows and mac users. It helps you to remove unwanted software and completely remove the software files. The advantage of lobit uninstaller 3, It’s light and portable. This means you cannot need to install this software and carry it anywhere you want.

The lot uninstaller 3 creates a restore point whenever you will uninstall any program. This program shows you a list of software that has been installed in our system, to easily uninstall them.

Download the Lobit uninstaller 3 free

2)Comodo Program Manager:

Comodo program manager is another program that can uninstall the software from windows and it’s good and easy to use. Its interface is very user-friendly. And comodo program comes with other features like – removing pc drivers, services, and windows updates.

Comodo program manager is always active and running in your background. This program’s disadvantage is that it is always running in the background of the windows.

 Download comodo program manager (free)

3)Revo Uninstaller pro:

Revo uninstaller pro helps you to uninstall software and remove all registry entries easily! Even if you have a problem uninstalling and cannot uninstall from the “Uninstall a program” in the control panel.

It is not available for free downloading but it good third-party uninstall that’s why I listed it in my best third-party uninstaller list. You can enjoy all the features by downloading 30 days trial pack. I preferred you download the above two third-party uninstallers, which are free and much better. But if you want to download Revo uninstaller for free then contact me on my google+ and I will give you a free Revo uninstaller.

Download Revo Uninstaller free

Final words!

There is three best third-party uninstaller software I listed. But I am preferred you to download lobit uninstaller 3. Why I am suggesting this? … Because it is free and user-friendly with good features. And I am using it for 1 year it, is good and easier to use in both operating systems.

by  Vishal fulwani

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  1. Hi Vishal,

    What a fantastic post! I know one Lobit uninstaller still now but after reading your article, got two more. I found it Lobit uninstaller best so never try to find out another one.

    Yair Shalev

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