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don bradman cricket 14 game

Don Bradman Cricket 14Cricket is hard. Try bowling a ball at more than 140 kph at three stumps 22 yards away. Impossible. But, no more impossible than standing still while someone bowls a ball at you at over 140 kph. Then try doing it for a whole day. Or five days in a row. It’s a physical and mental grind. The only thing harder than doing it might be making a video game that captures the unique challenges of cricket, but still manages to be playable and fun.

In the Gaming world, there is this newly released Don Bradman Cricket 14 for PC, XBOX 360, and PS3 users. It was developed by Big Ant Studios and published by Tru Blu Entertainment.

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Feature of Don Bradman Cricket 14:-

Career mode:

You can play this game in career mode. Simply create your player and play matches in order of the players’ matches program. It looks like you play the all matches in real 🙂


Cricket Academy:

Make your cricket academy and edit players and team and match with a team.

Don_bradman_cricket_14- cricket-game

Teams and Grounds:

Don Bradman Cricket 14 includes 79 teams within the game, most of which are unlicensed. There are international and domestic teams (current generation) historical teams and future generation teams. There are 17 international teams, 6 Australian domestic teams, 18 English domestic, and 9 Indian IPL teams, along with “All-time best” teams and “historical” teams.

Official Trailer of Don Bradman Cricket 14

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  2. Hey Vishal,

    A great looking game. And great write up.. I will surely look onto this game.

    Hope its great experience playing it. I am a great cricket fan, so this will be a great game for me 😀

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