klwp themes

Best KLWP Themes for Android

Android users have advantages like customizing over competitors, which makes them fanatics. You can customize anything from the lock screen, Home Screen, app drawer, and UI elements to your needs….

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bluetooth avrcp version

How to Change Bluetooth Codecs and Improve Wireless Audio Quality on Your Android Phone for Free

Bluetooth audio wasn’t as good as it is now when it was first introduced. Wired audio devices provided much better quality when compared to wireless audio devices. Over the years,…

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Free Movie Apps For Android

Top 12 Free Movie Apps For Android

Here, we have listed twelve Free Movie Apps For Android that will blow your mind. You can find so many movie streaming apps for Android devices but you can not…

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Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android 2019

The evolution in the smartphone industry has been incredible over the past couple of years. There is no doubt that a smartphone can do so many stuff then just calling…

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root your LG device

How to root your LG device?

So you want to root your LG device with ease? We have a one-click root solution for you. So if you want to know how to root your Android device…

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Recall Whatsapp Messages

How To Recall Whatsapp Messages

WhatsApp is one of the most important apps these days that you will find on everybody’s smartphone. Whenever someone gets new smartphone chances are the first thing they will do…

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Download Stories On WhatsApp

How To Download Stories On WhatsApp

WhatsApp stories is the latest feature that is recently introduced in the app. Inspired from the Snapchat & Instagram, now WhatsApp also comes with the WhatsApp stories or Status. Here…

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Run Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Android

How To Run Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Android

Many WhatsApp users wants to run two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone. Are you one of those? If Yes then let you know, you are going to read the…

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Sign Out of Google Play Store on an Android Device

How to Sign Out of Google Play Store on an Android Device

The Google play store is the number one store where users from all around the world can download a huge array and variety of apps, games, music, and even movies…

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