How To Change Lock Screen In Windows 8.1 With New Slide Show Feature

The windows 8.1 added new feature in our lock screen option, this called slide show .In slide show’s feature user can customize our background in slides. You will find apps and widgets also that provides useful notification like calendar, massages, weather, social notification, clock and many more. You also set alarm on lock screens that one more new feature of windows 8.1.

Sometime seeing the same background image again and again is too boring and its make us a lazy. To see different images with slide show on the background screen that will be new for eyes and which will also please your eyes. So I will give you proper guide how to change lock screen in windows 8.1.

Change lock screen in windows 8.1 with slide show feature

Steps to change windows 8.1 lock screen:

  • Move your mouse to right corner of the window, to display charm bar.
  •  Now click setting in charm bar.
  •  Find change pc setting and click on it.


  • Select PC and devices -> lock screen.


  • Chose background image from your computer and make it background image.


Once you select an image. Your settings will be changed automatically. You can customize you apps and widget under the lock screen apps. This is very simple steps to change lock screens. But it is not end of my tutorial next step is add slide show in background.


How Can I Add Slide Show In Background:

Slides show can also be customize. The setting can be found in play a slide show on lock screen option. Take few easy steps and add slide show in lock screen –

  • Go to lock screen, select play a slide show on lock screen option “ON”.


  • When you “on” the option more option are appears under the play a slide show in on lock screen option. You can see this in image below –



  • Then click on add folder option and select images folder witch you want to make slide show.


  • Selected folder automatically add slide show and you will apply more settings under which display under the play a slide show on lock screen.

I hope this tutorial help you how to change lock screen in windows 8.1 with slide show feature. I also using windows 8.1 and I add slides show in my background and it is awesome and looks very cool 😀
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