CollegeDunia Review: Now choose colleges at a laptop near you

Shop wise, Spend wise is now the mantra of all netizens. Whenever people invest in a product they first review the user ratings, the qualities of the product and then they buy it. So why has our education system to lag behind? Yes, there have been great revolutions in the education sector and people are now choosing the decision of their career very wisely. What I always wondered was to have all the colleges to be packed on one table and I would compare the best out of them? Well it’s now possible and I am going to introduce a great site that does exactly what its name reads. In my review of the site I am going to show how to choose your education seriously.


Site details:

The site CollegeDunia is in itself the dunia or world of colleges at a laptop near you. The site is designed very simple yet effective way with a huge slider of some of the magnanimous colleges around having a search bar in the center (where you have to search the college of your choice.)

The site has also got colleges divided on the categories of the courses they offer and also a new addition that is the exam section. It also provide you information about best collages like management collages, Science Colleges, medical collages etc.

There are featured colleges and premium colleges directly listed on the homepage in case you chose to know about them.

A recent addition of exam section also caught my eyes that claimed to list the various competitive exams based of careers like the AIPM, or others. When attracted I clicked on the section and found nothing at a message that this section is empty. Might be due to the fact this is not the time for competitive exams. They are mostly held during the first half of the year.

Services offered: offers a gallery of about 20,000 colleges with a listed 6000 courses that are categorized under streams or courses they offer. Students can opt for colleges on the basis of rankings, placement records over the years, facilities offered by the colleges (namely, food, separate hostel, sports, medical etc.).

For Parents, the site is a rescue as most parents have great concerns about the education of their children. They can use the multi-filter facility of the site to scan the results of colleges that fit their criteria of cut off, academic fees or a location near them.

For Colleges, it’s a win-win situation where they get to place them over a portal of other colleges of national level and also get quality leads from across the nation. These leads might otherwise be funneled at colleges nearby.


My visit on the site for the review left me amazed the way educational system is going hi-tech and the fact that people are becoming aware of the value for product concept. This will definitely leave a great effect for the students and colleges which will now thrive on performing the best.

My Rating: 4.5 stars .5 stars deducted for the fact I found the exam section empty.

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