11 Best Command Prompt Tricks and Codes in 2020

Command Prompt Tricks and Codes

Command prompt is the best tool of windows for some cool tricks and hacks. Yeah i said “hacks”, So people are crazy about doing hacks to hack some function of windows and modify it.

Command prompt gives you the great feature to get most of information about your network and lot’s of thinks. But everybody scare to touch this tool. So don’t feel scary and check out my all best 11 hacks and command prompt tricks and make your pc awesome. So if you want some than come and get some. 🙂

Check out 11 best cmd trick.

11 Best Command Prompt Tricks and Codes

Command Prompt Tricks

1.) Watch ASCII version of the Star Wars Episode IV movie

Yes, you can watch the ASCII version of the Star Wars Episode IV Movie. I will give you the instruction to watch. The instructions are easy to do and understand. There are different instruction for different operating system. So I will tell you the instruction according to the operating system.

To Watch in Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux

Step 1) Go to start, run (this is only for Windows users).

Step 2) then type “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl” without any capital or special number and then press enter.

Step 3) user who are running Mac OS X or Linus, they can directly perform this code in Terminal window.

On Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and Vista

Before performing this code, go to control panel > Programs > Turn Windows feature on or off and tick both the boxes. After doing that, follow my instruction below.

Step 1) go to start and search (in Windows only), then open the main start page.

Step 2) type telnet and then hit enter.

Step 3) type “o” in that following command without any capital or special number or letters and then hit enter.

Step 4) then type “towel.blinkenlights.nl” and hit enter.

Note: if you don’t need telnet anymore, you can turn it off.

2.) Open the Command Prompt From Any Location

It is very irritating to open the Command Prompt by step by step and again and again. So here is a trick to open the Command Prompt from any location and with simple methods.

You had to navigate, or you can say that, you had to save it in your favorite location. For doing so, when your work Is over in Command Prompt just hold your shift key and click on any folder. A menu opens up and say that your file is ready. Open the file and start working.

3.) Find a Website’s IP Address

Yes, it is a real question that how to find a Website’s IP Address. There are major Commands to find the Website’s IP address. One the Command called nslookup Command that is usually preferred. How to find the Gadgetjar.com IP address with nslookup command? Just do nslookup Gadgetjar.com and see the result. Don’t be confused in any situation because the IP address is Showing Clearly in the box. You can also use the ping command to find the IP address.

4.) Shut Down or Restart Another Computer

Yes, you can shut down and restart another computer. Yes, you can do it in simple steps. Shut down our computer with CMD is quite boring because we can shut down our computer normally. But shutdown and restart another computer with CMD is quite interesting. The simplest way to shut down or restart is shutdown /I in the command prompt, and it will open the Remote Shutdown Dialog Box. Enter the name of the computer (a name that you surely know means the hostname) select the option (means shutdown or restart). Click on ok to proceed. This way you can do this trick.

5.) Know your IP address, DNS Server’s address and a lot more about your Internet Connection

It is a best, easiest and simplest trick to know more about your internet connection. You had just to type ipconfig/ all in your Command Prompt and hit Enter. In the result, you can see your IP address and DNS server. There is a lot more information about your internet connection as the host name, primary DNS suffix, node type, Wins proxy, etc.

[yellowbox]Read More: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG Fix Error  [/yellowbox]

6.) Know if your neighbours are stealing your WiFi connection

If I say that your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi. I am sure that you can scare. To avoid this, you had to do a trick to know who is stealing your Wi-Fi. Fust Follow My steps:

Step 1) Open your web browser and type or depending on your server what’s your IP is and visit.

Step 2) you can find a button title “Attached Devices” or something similar like this.

Step 3) find the IP address and compare to your friends or whom did you know.

Step 4) if your find something strange, so your neighbors are stealing your Wi-Fi and the best way to avoid this is to change the password and then see.

7.) Know if someone is hacking your computer/ Trace a Hacker

Yes, it is true and scary that someone hacks your computer and you can’t do anything. But no, you can do with a simple trick that I am going to show you. You had just to type netstat –an in the Command Prompt and the it gives you the list of computer that your computer is connected to. There are many columns. Start with first, proto column is give the type of transmissions are there. Local address can give you the port in which your computer is connected. Foreign address gives you the external computers are connected. This way you can find it out who is hacking your computer.

8.) Enable QuickEdit for Easy Copy/Paste

This is the easy and the fastest way to copy/paste the code in command prompt. Follow the instruction:

You had just right to click on CMD title bar and select properties. Options tab opens up, then click on Edit option section and tick the Quick edit option box and click ok. With this method, the copy/paste things are easy to do. You can paste the things from clipboard also.

9.) View a Drive’s Entire Directory Structure

For doing this trick, you had to do a command called tree command. This is the simplest command and easy for everyone.

With this tree command, you can see the folder structure under the directory folder.

10.) Customize the Command Prompt Title Bar Text

For this trick, you had just to use the title command to do this trick. Just for example if your name John Fall, and you wants manifest your title in the command prompt. Change or execute the property of john fall and you can see that the Command prompt title bar will immediately change.

The change is not a permanent one, next time when you the command prompt it will change to normal.

This type of trick is usually used in a script or in batch files.

11.) Become a Command Prompt Power User with Function Keys

This time, I am not telling any trick, but I am telling you the important functions keys of Command Prompt.

Here are the keys and their function:

F1: it pastes the last command (only character by character)

F2: it also pastes the last command (but up to entered character)

F3: it only pastes the last command

F4: it deletes the present prompt text up to the entered character

F5: it pastes recent command (but not the cycle)

F6: it can paste ^Z to the prompt

F7: it displays the selected list of previous commands.

F8: it pastes recent command (cycles also)

F9: it Ask for the number of commands that in the F7 list for paste.

Note: some Command Prompt tricks are full of keys and can create a problem for you, and these keys help where you get stuck.

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