Corsair Link Download for Windows 10

corsair link

There are many benchmarking tools on windows like Corsair Link and Victoria. They help users to gauge how their system is running, whether poorly or above par. An excellent PC benchmark app ranks not only your system but also its performance. In addition, the majority of these apps permit smooth configuration changes of hardware.

The software is highly recommended for most Windows PC users as it has a straightforward user interface. And it is free to download. Benchmarking apps are vast, and some are quite popular, but most users install the free versions. As for this particular software, it is compatible with most WOS, and regular updates are necessary.

Corsair Link Download for Windows 10

Corsair Link is open-source software with unique, interesting features that are not common with other benchmarking apps. The features qualify the app as fast, light, neat, and innovative Freeware for Windows PC. It is designed to be ideal for newbies but perfect for experts. Users can get the latest version of Corsair Link for free and download it for Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Vista, and XP, as detailed below. 


During the benchmarking procedure, ensure that no background programs run to get the best results. Also, it would help if you let the tool work to the end for favorable results.

corsair link

Corsair Link Technical Details

Before you download an app, you should arm yourself with its technical details. Also, background knowledge about the app will be handy when you incorporate it into your system. Here are its technical details.

  • App Name: Corsair Link
  • Developer: Corsair
  • Version: Corsair Link
  • Last update: May, 4th 2019
  • Category: Benchmarking
  • Requirement: Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10 on a PC or tablet
  • File size: 40.4MB
  • File Type: EXE file
  • License: Freeware 

Download Corsair Link for PC on Windows 10 (64/32-bit)

The latest version of the application is free for download on your Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit) PC or tablet. It has improved on compatibility and fixing of bugs, inclusive of the features below.

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 (64-bit and 32-bit)
  • The new updated version
  • It is free, straightforward, and safe to download.

Download and install 

These steps should guide you to get the application onto your device.

  1. Find the Corsair Link installer file on the Corsair official website then click on download.
  2. Once it’s complete, save the downloaded file to your PC.
  3. To install it, double-click on the saved file.
  4. Depending on the Windows version you are running, a smart screen might appear asking you to confirm.
  5. Tap Yes as confirmation.
  6. Now follow the on-screen installation instructions, and once the installation process is complete, a notification confirming a successful installation will display.

Corsair Link Features

Corsair Link is among the top popular Benchmarking apps. Compared to its competitors, it has more advantages. It is a free app that is easy to use, secure, and a reliable Benchmarking app. The primary functions of this app go beyond the features of rival Benchmarking apps.

  • Fast, reliable, and robust.
  • Free & Safe, and reliable to download.
  • The new version has the best experience.
  • A User-friendly Interface for beginners.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with most Windows versions.
  • It is free 
  • Private and Secure
  • The best Benchmarking application.

How to Fix Corsair Link Not Controlling Fans

The error corsair link not controlling fans or fan speed, the fan speed will display 0. Then there must be another software conflicting with it. Users who install new cooling kits are most likely to encounter this problem because Corsair Utility does control the fan speed or displays inaccurate information.

First, make sure all connections are right and although it may be impossible to dictate fan speed, you can choose between performance and quiet mode, and if the readout on the fans does not change, then no change is taking place. 

  1. Uninstall Monitoring Programs

If you cannot control your system fans or your CPU temps have disappeared, ensure that there is no other monitoring software on your PC. The reason is, more than one monitoring tool will trigger conflict when each of them is trying to fetch data at once. Therefore, you need to uninstall any other monitoring tool and leave the corsair link to work alone.

  1. Running Corsair Link and iCUE together.

Most users who complain of not seeing RPM are most likely running corsair link and iCUE at once. If you install iCUE, it takes over your PC, and you may need to uninstall either of them.

  1. Downgrade to the Previous Version

If your Windows version does not recognize the corsair device driver, you may find the error Code 28 on your device manager. You can fix it by downgrading your corsair link, and your problem will be fixed.


The best Benchmarking app for a Windows PC is undeniably Corsair Link since it is compatible with almost all Windows versions. Its features make it the most reliable in performance, security, and stability. And most Windows users recommend it. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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