How to Create Android Apps Recovery Flashable Zip File

Create Android Apps Recovery Flashable Zip File

I got many mails from my user and they contently asking single question from 1 month. they asking for how to recover all app after factory reset of rooting or any other issue. So today I’m here to share the awesome hack to Create Android Apps Recovery Flashable Zip File. After doing all 11 steps you make your recovery zip for your android device.

Create Android Apps Recovery Flashable Zip File

Android apps recovery

Many users are confused that how they made recovery flashable ZIP for Android. I am solving their problem in 12 easy steps. You had to do nothing, only follow my steps, and you also can make recovery flashable ZIP for Android. You think that the 12 steps are bit long and take more time to read, but I’m sorry to say that you are wrong, the 12 steps are very simple and everyone can easily learned that steps without taking more time.

Step 1: First you had to root your android device to make recovery flashable ZIP for Android.

Step 2: After the root process was done, and your Android device is full rooted, then install custom recovery in your Android device.

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Step 3: Then download the Recovery Flashable Zip Template on your computer. You think where the Recovery Flashable Zip Template is, don’t worry about that, click here to download.

Step 4: after downloading, extract the file on your desktop or where you want to. After extracting, open the folder where the files are extracted.

Step 5: There you can see two folders shown as “META-INF” and “SYSTEM”.

recover android apps-1

Step 6: You had open the System folder.

Step 7: Now in that folder, you had created and another folder and rename as “app”.

recover android apps-2

Step 8: Choose all your favorite APK files and copy them from the computer and paste it into your app folder.

recover android apps-3

Step 9: Now go back where you see “MERA-IRF” and “SYSTEM” folders.

Step 10: Now press Ctrl+A of your keyboard and right-click on folders and select Add to achieve option and select the target where you want to save your ZIP file.

recover android apps-4

Step 11: All done! You recovery flashable Zip for Android is ready, and now you can directly install an app from the zip.

recover android apps-5


Final Words!

I hope you enjoy my Create Android Apps Recovery Flashable Zip File post and its too simple so do it and recover your android apps. If you like my post please share this with your friends and you have any queries so comment below I’ll solve it soon.

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  2. What is the difference between a GApps Minimal .zip file and GApps .zip file while flashing a new ROM on an Android device?

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