How Can I Change folder And Drive Icon To Get New Look For Windows

folder and disk icon in windows

There are too many software that can change you folder icon and drive icon. But I will give you simple method to change folder and drive icon of your windows. In windows, all icon set as default like folder icons and drives icon. With different version of windows already have own custom folder and style. If you want change your pc looks you can try this tutorial and get new look 🙂

Windows 7/8/8.1  already have awesome icons and style but if you change them you can do it by my this tutorial. If you want then continue reading …

 Customize Computer folder Icons

I give you step by step guide to customize computer folder icon to make your PC different and attractive.

  1.  Right click on folder which you want to change on properties
  1. Now Select properties and then click on customize tab.
  2. There you can see the option “change icon” click on it.
  3. Click on “browse button” to select your own icon, you can download my Icon pack to get icons.

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How do I change my drives icons

You all want to change your drives icon also.Both changes your pc look awesome if you want keep continue reading…


  1. First download  “Change Drive Icon”
  2. Run Change Drive Icon EXE.
  3. Change driver icon open, now select you icon file.
  4. Now select your drive which you want to change icon ,now click on “change icon” button .

Now your pc folder and drive icon changed. I hope you enjoy my this tutorial how to Change folder And Drive Icon. If you like it share it and thank for visiting on my blog 🙂 . Keep visiting and get more cool tricks to change your pc life and enjoy 😀 .

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