Different Types Of Cameras in 2020

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Cameras are used all over the world to take pictures of golden memories, or just capture the moment. There are several types of cameras, some just for ordinary people, and some for those striving to become a photographer. In this article, we’ll mention 8 different types of cameras in 2020.

Different Types of Cameras in 2020:

#1: DSLR Cameras

Short for Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera, this Camera is used widely by photographers for its amazing photo-taking capabilities. All professional photographers use a DSLR Camera as it’s the best at taking eye-catching pictures. The Camera combines a digital imaging sensor with a single-lens reflex camera for the best quality possible.

Types Of Cameras-DSLR Cameras

The lens of DSLR Cameras is detachable, so depending on what type of photo you want to take, you can either take the lens off or keep it on. A wide-angle lens works well with landscape photography, while a telephone lens would do the job for a wildlife photographer. You can even use a DSLR camera to record 4K videos.

#2: Mirrorless Cameras

A Mirrorless Camera is pretty much just a DSLR Camera, but without the optical viewfinder. This makes it lightweight and easier to handle since the image falling on the camera sensor is seen directly on the viewfinder. Mirrorless Cameras come in two types: Crop Frame Camera Bodies and Full-Frame Camera Bodies.

Types Of Cameras-Mirrorless Cameras

Currently, the best full-frame camera mirrorless camera is the Sony A7RIII. Just like DSLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras feature a detachable lens. They’re relatively new on the market, so there aren’t many lens options, but it does come with an adapter, allowing you to attach a DSLR lens.

#3: Smartphone Cameras

Probably the most common and widely used type of camera is the one found in Smartphones. They’re not good enough to replace high-level Cameras like the DSLR Cameras, but for something so small, it sure does pack a lot. Smartphones now include dual cameras and some (like Apple’s iPhone 11) even come with triple cameras, with three at the back, and one at the front of the Smartphone.

Types Of Cameras-Smartphone Cameras

Smartphone Cameras are used when someone wants to capture a moment, so I guess you could say that the need for point-and-shoot cameras diminished with the arrival of Smartphone Cameras. The pictures won’t be as good as the ones taken by a DSLR camera, but it’s good enough for people who aren’t into photography on a professional level.  

#4: Medium Format Cameras

The 120 mm films of the Medium Format Cameras have been replaced by digital camera sensors. They’re relatively similar to the films in size, and some companies still manufacture Medium Format Film Cameras to this day. The new version contains a larger camera sensor, and it’s also more expensive than the previous version.

Types Of Cameras-Medium Format Cameras

Medium Format Cameras offer high-quality images with high noise performance, and they’re the best choice for fashion photographers. The only concern someone might have with these cameras is that they’re quite bulky due to the huge camera sensor.

#5: Digital Cine Cameras

Digital Cine Cameras are used to film movies or documentaries and feature an interchangeable lens option. They’re used by filmmakers, and their main function is to record videos, so for that, they support 4K+ resolution. They’re not meant for normal use, so you won’t see them quite often, not unless you visit a filming studio.

Types Of Cameras-Cine Cameras

The Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro (4.6K) is among the most used Digital Cine Cameras. Other Digital Cine Cameras are the Canon EOS C100 Mark II and the Sony PXW-Z150 4K XDCAM.

#6: Action Cameras (GoPro Cameras)

More commonly known as GoPro Cameras are mostly used for vlogging, and recording YouTube videos on the go. They’re quite portable because of their small size, so they can fit in tight spaces, or where normal cameras can’t. You can mount GoPro Cameras just about anywhere from your helmet to your vehicles or even clothing.

Types Of Cameras-Action Cameras

They support 4K resolution, so you’re not compromising on the quality either. Some can even be connected to your Smartphone device for remote triggering and live view.

#7: 360-Degree Cameras

These types are cameras are attracting users at a fast rate due to their ability to take 360-degree pictures. With a 360-degree camera, you have the option to take a 360-degree with just a single click. It comes included with a 360-degree camera and offers high-quality pictures. One of the most known 360-degree cameras is the Rico Theta 5, Nikon Keymission360, and the Samsung Gear 360.

Types Of Cameras 360-Degree Cameras

#8: Rugged Cameras:

They’re waterproof cameras capable of taking pictures underwater, and they’re meant solely for adventurers/explorers. They’re capable of taking high-quality pictures in almost any terrain and are also shockproof. Rugged Cameras don’t break so easily, and you can test that by dropping one from a rooftop, or even in water. The Ricoh WG-6 is among the best Rugged Cameras out there.

Rugged Cameras Olympus TG-6

If you have any further queries or would like to add something to this article, feel free to comment down below, and we’ll try to respond to as many as we can!

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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