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In this modern era Mobile phone plays a huge role in our life. Before if anybody had to speak to someone it was through letters and after some years the telegrams but faster is the mobile phones. It actually defines you today the type of mobile phone u keep tells what u are and they have made your life easy and comfortable today we can speak to anybody in any part of the world.

Science and technology has been in the way that every human being is privilege to have mobile phones have become an indispensable part of life. Day going the number of people using Smartphone increasing and these days Teenagers are using Smartphones the most. Smartphone in schools which disrupts classrooms orders has become a major concern. Phone are need in these days so it is not compulsory to ban the Smartphone in schools. In many ways it is not necessary to ban mobile phones in schools. As we can say using mobile phones in schools has some positive influences.

Smartphones are basically used for making phone calls and sending text messages. Now a day the use of mobile phone is not only to make calls or send SMS. Mobile phone can be used for many purpose like listen to songs, watch movies, play online games, browse the internet, calculate things etc. There are some issues of mobile phones also.

Social Media is leading these days in Internet world. People are so much crazy about social media because of attractive features on that. Some of the platforms are like our daily need it has been so much familiar so us now it became part of our life. Some of the users are almost whole day and even at night they are active. People are now having a level of craze for social media.

Whatsaap has made a trend to do communication faster than ever as this application gives us a lots of features in an application. Some of basic features are sending Image/Video, Audio, Live location, sending documents and lots more which we needs in our daily basis.

This application is having lots of cool features as compared to official Whatsaap. You can use this application to discover the hidden features of Whatsaap. One of the Best app to enjoy two accounts on same device.

GBWhatsaap is similar to Whatsaap but with more options.


GBWhatsaap is mod version or unofficial version of Official Whatsaap so it is not available at Playstore. You have to download it from Google, it is easily can be downloaded from there. While installing the make sure that your device is allowed to install from unknown sources and if it not having allowed then go to settings and make that change. Download it install it and have the feeling of uniqueness and experience the amazing features of GBWhatsaap.

This is how we can download and Install GBWhatsaap for android.


Here we had shared you about what is GBWhatsaap and how to download it. GBWhatsaap is one of the best mod version of Official Whatsaap. You can enjoy the features were added in the GBWhatsaap. So download the app and if you get trouble tell us via comments.

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