How To Download Stories On WhatsApp

Download Stories On WhatsApp

WhatsApp stories are the latest feature that is recently introduced in the app. Inspired by Snapchat & Instagram, now WhatsApp also comes with WhatsApp stories or Statuses. Here any users can easily take their camera for quick status updates by taking live photo-shot or videos and posting them instantly. This is a cool feature to have in messaging. But yet there is an issue with the status, it only displays for a few minutes then it disappears automatically. And also you cannot download stories on WhatsApp, even if you wish to get them.

whatsapp stories

There are no such features in WhatsApp that will allow downloading WhatsApp stories. The common way to download the status was to take a screenshot but what if, the story added is videos? Well for such cases, you will need the third-party app.

Here below in this article, we are going to discuss the steps by which you can download the Stories on WhatsApp. If you want to taste more unique features on WhatsApp then you can download the WhatsApp mod version from here- GB Whatsapp app download for Android.

How to download Stories on WhatsApp

You can download stories on WhatsApp using a special app- Story Saver for WhatsApp. This app is free to download on your Android device through the Play store. If you are using WhatsApp or OGWhatsApp, the Story saver for WhatsApp app will work fine on both.

How to download Stories on WhatsApp

So now let us get into the tutorials for downloading WhatsApp stories or statuses.

Steps to Download Stories on WhatsApp:

#1: Download the Story Saver for WhatsApp App

As WhatsApp official does not allow you to download the stories, so you should have the third-party app. download the Story Saver for WhatsApp App from the Play store.

#2: Open the App

This is a user-friendly app that comes with simple methods for downloading the Stories of WhatsApp. Open the app and you will find an option- Recent Stories. This option will display all the recent statuses or stories of your WhatsApp account.

#3: Download the Stories

After you have opened the recent stories now click the photo or video to open. And you will get an option by which you can download it. The download button is located on top of the screen.

Or you can also press hold the Stories (photo or video) which will display a list of options. Now click on the save button to download the file.

#4: Share or Delete the Stories

Once you have downloaded the stories they will automatically be saved in your gallery. Now from this gallery you can share, delete and manage the stories which you have downloaded.

Key Features of Story Saver for WhatsApp App:

  • Easy to Use
  • Download Stories and Status directly to save them on your gallery
  • Keep the Status or stories present before it is removed automatically
  • Includes inbuilt story or status viewer
  • Save or download multiple stories at once

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Alternative Ways to Download Stories on WhatsApp:

Besides the Story Saver for WhatsApp App, there is also a free app by which you can easily download and save WhatsApp Stories. If don’t like the previous app, then try more awesome apps which have different ways of downloading the Stories of WhatsApp.

Here we have a list of apps like Story Saver for WhatsApp which will help you manage WhatsApp Stories. And the lists are as follows-

1.) Status Saver

Just like the Story Saver for WhatsApp, the Status saver also allows you to download any stories directly from their app. No is no need for sign up or logins, just download and install the app and start getting the stories permanently on your gallery. They are available for download in the Google Play store.

Status Saver

2.) Status Saver for WhatsApp

Status Saver for WhatsApp is another alternative to Story Saver for the WhatsApp app. They also bring you the best option by which you can easily download the stories. To download the stories, you just have to open the app and this will automatically sync to your WhatsApp account and fetch all the recent statuses or stories. Now click on the status which you want to download and finally hit the save button to get it. You can see the status on your device gallery, now you can share and manage the status from your phone.

Status Saver for WhatsApp

3.) Story saver for Whatsapp

This is the final one in our list which will help you to download WhatsApp stories. With the help of this app, you can easily get all the new statuses or stories of your WhatsApp account. And with one click, you can download them. This app is also available in the Google play store, so get the app now.

Story saver for Whatzapp

That’s all for the complete tutorials to download stories on WhatsApp. No more using lame tricks like screenshots to take WhatsApp Stories, try something new, and the best way to download WhatsApp stories and statuses. You can also try the alternatives of the Story Saver app, which will give you different styles for downloading and managing WhatsApp stories.   


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