How To Download Torrents On Android Mobile

Now a days everyone have Android phone and Android is most popular mobile OS. In smart phone we see lots of apps and use it by our use. Some people use torrent to download free stuff from torrentz and you know torrent file only download from PC. But you don’t know about the Utorrent (most powerful downloader) to download torrent files. I’s also launch our product for android phone. In play store you can easily find this app.


What Is Torrent? And How To Download It On Android

The Torrent system is a download mechanism, in which you download from others who have already downloaded the same file (peers), instead of straining one download server.

How Is It Works?

  • You download a .torrent file (mostly from the tracker itself), which has some info and a link to the tracker server.
  • The tracker server… well, tracks each and every peer; the people who are downloading or have downloaded. Your torrent program connects to this server and requests a list of peers.
  • Your program then connects to the peers which have already downloaded parts of the file, which you still have to get. Most programs connect to a dozen peers at the time.
  • You then keep repeating to download little parts from others, and others download from you, until you have a complete file.

Download Torrent For Android

Utorrent is best android torrent app to download torrent file. If you want do install it on your android phone. Click on Download button to download it 🙂

Click Here To Download

 How To download File From Utorrnet

  1.  Open Utorrent app and click on icon, Enter your search term.
  2. Search result will be displayed in browser windows.
  3. Click on a torrent file to start downloading in the app.

Final Words!

I thinks it’s a Awesome app to download torrent file and stop/play file without losing it. Torrent file depend on seeder if seeders is good then file will download faster and safer 😀 I think this article help you to how can you download torrents on android mobile.

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