How Can I Enable Hibernate Option In Windows 8

Are you see that Microsoft disabled hibernate option in windows 8 and earlier version windows 8.1? Why Microsoft do that? Because windows 8 and 8.1 boot up and shut down faster than older version (like windows 7 and xp). Lots of feature added in windows 8, like start screen, picture password and many more. But I am not describe all features of windows 8. I will be showing you how can I enable hibernate option in windows 8. Continue reading…..



What is hibernate mode?

Before I complete this topic let us have a short description about what is hibernate?

hibernation is powering down a computer. In this mode the current state of the system is saved to the hard drive, and the system will power down. When a user turns the system power back on, the saved information is read from the hard disk, restoring the last used settings. Hibernation mode is similar to sleep mode, however in sleep mode the power cannot be shut off.


Why I enable hibernate feature in windows 8?

Hibernation option save more power without losing any file. It automatically save your files into hard drive. I am using sleep option to save power but that is not enough. Because when I turned my pc into sleep mode, then only my monitor will be off but computer still running and when I use sleep option my pc is going to sleep mode and I walk away but in this time when lights gone and when I come back after few minutes ago and turned on my pc my files are not saved its totally removed. Then I use hibernate option to save my work and power. In this option when lights off and after some times when you power on your pc all files are saved.

Some easy steps to enable hibernate windows 8


Windows 8 disable hibernate option but we can easily enable it. Just followed my simple steps.

  •  Open control panel and click on windows power option and it display new screen.
  • Now in left side you will see the option – Choose What the Power Button do, click on it.

enable hibernate windows 8

  • Then on next screen click on Change Settings that are currently Unavailable.
  • Now Scroll Down to “Shutdown Settings” Section, and Check Hibernate box to Enable it and Click on Save Changes.enable hibernate windows 8
  • Now all is done then, now go to power option and see the hibernate option there.enable hibernate windows 8


Now you will see hibernation option are there and you can hibernating your computer. It is pretty simple and its works. Enjoy all new features of windows 8 and save more power by enable hibernate windows 8. Hope this help you!



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