6 First Steps After Launching The Website

First Steps After Launching The Website

Have you stepped into the world of digital marketing lately? Are you launching your very first Twitter page or Facebook page, if yes, should you be worried about your page stats? Like any business owner, you should also promote your business to attract good traffic. Here are six steps after launching the website listed below that can help you promote your online business websites easily.

You need to make sure that you make promotions for at least three months of your newly launched websites or social media pages to make the users familiar with the pages you have created. These below-mentioned steps are easy to follow and can give you beneficial results in increasing traffic rates. These steps if followed can put you on the correct path and ensure your customer traffic stays strong and keep your SEO efficient.

Step 1: Make A Feature List

You need to make a proper list that should include five big features that will make your website an essential tool for the targeted market. Things like, what it is that will make your website a better server for the audience, what is so important about the website that people should look forward to, etc.

Step 2: Start tracking the statistics

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that consists of 5 features:

  • Keyword research;
  • Rank tracking;
  • Competitor analysis;
  • Site Audit;
  • Backlink analysis.

You can check your website ranking on the internet and keep track of the ranking with Serpstat’s rank tracking tool.

Serpstat’s rank tracking tool

Rank Tracker offers keyword tracking at global and local levels daily. Also, you can get positions of competitor domains for the tracked keywords and compare them to your own without creating additional projects.

keyword tracking at global and local levels

All these features are supposed to be guided by your web designer with an attentive mind as this list of features will be helpful for you when you continue with the other steps.

Step 3: Broadcast Your Contact List

All of your personal and business contacts are the ones that will first view your page. To maximize the viewer network, you need to send a personal email to each one of your contacts to announce the new website or a page has been created, and take a look to know more. You need to invite each one of them individually to offer your page feedback. You can take the help of email marketing to target your entire database.

The email should be personal but you still can automate this work with tools like BuzzSumo. Like with other tools for email marketing, it’s capable of sending a bunch of letters together but it also allows adding some personal information to each before sending.

allows adding some personal information

Step 4: Announce a Press-Release

Make sure you declare a press release to the market-centered publications as well as with the help of online syndicate services to explain what your website is all about and how can it help people.

Step 5: Share the Word

To achieve maximum footage and publicity, first of all, your website should be interesting and engaging. Secondly, to enhance the traffic to your website or a web page, you have to post to your social media pages that your website has been launched and invite the users to come and check out the services of the website and give feedback.

If you are a blogger, you can announce there that you are introducing your very own new social media page and then send out an email about the website details and invite to join the website to all your customers and a list of colleagues that you might have forgotten to invite from the step 1.

Find influencers and bloggers that have the same interests using BuzzSumo:

interests using BuzzSumo

Step 6: Keep an Update with the Printing Materials

If you are introducing your first-ever web page or website, kindly make sure that you add a link to your email signature of yours. This will not take long, but if you do follow this step, it will act as an instant reminder for all those with whom you are dealing business. Make a note to ensure that all of the business cards that you share with your business officials and clients have the appropriate website address and the link to social media pages printed on them.

Over a period, you will see the cards that have been distributed gather enough new clients for your business and at the same time attract huge customer traffic to your new website or social media web page as well.

The customer traffic is not just enough for the business owner to attract but also constantly updating the content of the Webpages or websites once in two weeks is a must. Serpstat can ensure you highly considerable quality services when it comes to updating the contents of the website frequently and keeping the website search engine optimized.

If you regularly update the content of your website, tell people about it with the help of social media platforms, and email marketing, and tell your friends directly to ensure that people know about your website’s new aspects and they would like to come back and check it regularly.

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