How To fix Runtime Error R6034 In Not Time?

Runtime error R6034

I’ve been using windows 7 for several years without any problems. 5 days ago I had trouble 🙁 I got some kind of error on my pc screen while rebooting or starting my computer. The error message box title is “Titled Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library”. This message show “runtime error r6034”. That means an application had failed to load the c runtime library.

 “An application has attempted to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the applications’ support team for more information”

I uninstalled and reinstalled some programs but again this happened. Then I found a solution on the internet to fix this error. After a few minutes, I find the solution to this error and now I learn what runtime error r6034 is and how to fix it.

In my case it was Picasa but you may face this error with any XYZ application. So here I will give you a proper guide to what is a runtime error r6034 and how to fix runtime error r6034 easily.


What is a runtime error r6034?

A runtime error is a software or hardware problem that prevents a program from working correctly. Runtime errors might cause you to lose information in the file you’re working on, cause errors in the file (corrupt the file) so you can’t work with it, or prevent you from using a feature. Unlike stop errors, runtime errors don’t typically cause Windows or a program to stop working.

Its means this error shows by following reasons –Runtime Error r6034

  • Software issues
  • Application conflicts
  • Memory usage faculty
  • Conflicts between the Terminate and Stay Resident programs

 Fix a Runtime Error r6034?

Several ways to fix this error and they are all very easy.

  1. Run a Full Registry scan, Use third Party Software to do it, and repair the registry
  2. Disable all the Startup applications
  3. Rename all the dynamic link library (DLL) files on your computer
  4. Re-install Picasa or iTunes or any XYZ program and other related programs
  5. Start your system in safe mode.

Here are the ways where you would need help or that would require you to use certain software:

  1. Use a reputable antivirus software tool to remove any viruses that might have infected your computer
  2. Repair your registry entries.

Final Words!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and it worked 100% :D. Maintaining your computer is not very difficult it’s very easy. While you might find learning things about your computer, you can easily maintain your pc. If you like my tutorial please share it with your friends 🙂


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  1. Hi Vishal,
    Thanks for sharing such most interesting article on fixing run time error. I regularly get this r6034 error, but after my upgrade of my OS, this has been removed. Recently my friend asked me solution for this.

    Surely I am gonna give him this link. Thanks for sharing such good article with us.

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