Free android spy: Track You Mobile Calls

Android is the popular operating system as of now, in the market. The reason for its popularity is the vast set of apps and which are available easily on the market. Furthermore, most of the apps are free of cost. There are various types of android apps like apps that can click DSLR like pictures for you, or act like a digital wallet or the messenger apps that can send text messages to a person residing a thousand miles away. There are some special types of apps as well like the one you will read about next. You can turn your android phone into a spy phone with the help of free android spy apps. Some of these apps are not available in the Play store as it violates Google’s terms of service but then you can get access to these apps from their website. They have two versions of the app, one for the host and another in the target device. The host app is going to be used by you and the target user’s app will be incorporated by you in the device of that user, whom you choose to spy on. When you install the app on target phone they won’t know about it because the app works invisibly. Here are some features of those apps.

Track call history

The spy apps for Android Smartphone can have a lot of uses. One of the features of these types of apps is that you can access the call history of the target phone remotely. Often it is seen that 50% of our activities are done over the phone. So if you have access to the call logs then you may probably find out what activities a person is doing! Furthermore, you can also have access to phone call recordings as well and that too remotely.

Spy apps can be used to trace location

These spy apps are not limited to one function only and can serve to fulfill another purpose as well. They are programmed to trace the exact location of a device. The app will work invisibly and thus you don’t need to be worried about getting caught. They will give you updates on the device after a short period of time. Sometimes you lose your phone while hurrying up for somewhere. In that case, you can use the phone tracker to trace your phone.

Spy apps to know about the phone history

These spy apps can work like charm in obtaining the phone history from the target device. The phone history or the browser history contains a lot of information about a person and can determine what he/she is up to. The phone history includes the websites he is visiting lately and not only this you can access recent chats he did on a messaging app like Whatsapp, Snapchat or messenger.

Free apps are not every time legitimate

There are tonnes of apps available in the market and some of them free of cost. But then some of those free apps do not produce the same results as a paid spy app. There are other complications with free apps as well like you will see a lot of ads or you may find the most important feature locked and that you need to purchase a pack to unlock it. There is one genuine and legitimate free spy android app that does what it claims. The Hoverwatch program is the destination to get access to that app.


There are a lot of free android spy apps in the market but not all of them are genuine. There is a possibility that these fake apps can be used to retrieve valuable information out of the target device. So only after having a legitimate research on the app, you should use the app.

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