Top 5 Free Lock Screen Apps For Android Phones

best free lock screen apps for android

Android phone comes with built-in screen lock, but the default screen lock has not had good features and options. But I show you the top 5 free lock screen apps for android to change your lock screen and increase features. You can find lots of app on it but I tested all 5 apps and its work great.


Free Lock Screen Apps For Android:

1. Cover the Lock Screen

This is an awesome app to replace your screen with this app. It adds more features and you can access some of the apps directly on your lock screen.

This app has one more feature which includes some of the apps in the right panel to instantly access that app. Also, you can jump over the apps directly, you never see this type of switching between the apps ๐Ÿ™‚


2. Start

The start is another great android app that has great features. You customize your screen and add you’re favorite app that you want to instant access. You can send messages, make a call, and send emails to your client without unlocking your device J. The best thing to start, you can get thousands of free themes to choose from with the one you want to install on your device.


3. Go Locker

Go locker is developed by the most popular Go launcher developers and itโ€™s a nice app with security. With this app, you can set the app reminders and you see your logs and messages directly.

go lcoker

4. DashClock Widget

In the Dashclock widget, you get extraction to get notification information like alarm, missed calls, unread text, etc. you can set your current weather in with a lock screen also. With this app, you set your current calendar appointments.


5. Sparky Lock Screen

With a sparky lock screen, you can instantly access to basic apps like email, massaging, and calls without unlocking your device.

Sparky has a huge range of different themes which can you install and see on your lock screen to looks your device more attractive.

Final Word!

I hope this post is helpful for you and this all apps working 100%. These top 5 free lock screen android apps are tested on my Samsung galaxy note 2 mobile. I suggest you install the Cover lock screen app on your device because it’s a nice and smooth app with lots of features ๐Ÿ™‚

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