5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Hello friends this is my first guide for newbie blogger to use Google chrome extensions as an advantage of your starting career in blogging J and I tell you I am still using chrome extensions for blogging and SEO research.

Today I tell you 5 Google Chrome Extensions for newbie blogger to get more information about your competitor. You can easily install below all plugin which I show you by going on chrome store.


Google chrome extensions For Newbie Bloggers:

1. MozBar:

This is most important extensions for every blogger and SEO expert to get own and our competitor rank. Mozbar show you website/blog Domain authority, Page authority, Moz rank, backlink, and access more seo tools. Read more…/Install Mozbar

2. Alexa ToolBar:

Alexa is best toolbar to see author blogs traffic rank and linked in links. You can see both of traffic rank (Global and country rank). Alexa is impotent for your blog to get advertisement for your blog and earn. This extensions give you search analytics. Read more…/Install Alexa Toolbar

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3. SEOquake: 

This is awesome and all in one SEO toolbar witch shows you Page rank, Alexa rank, google index, social sharing signal and many more. By this extensions you can see nofollow link on your blog and author’s blog also. Its shows keyword density also this is super plugin with improve your SEO. Read more…/Install SEOquake

4. Colorzilla:

Color zilla is awesome app to find out any webpage font color, page color, background color and eyedropper color picker. It’s also have gradient generator. By this tool you can set and update your blog theme with different colors and combination 🙂 . Read more…/Install colorZilla

5. WhatFont?

This is another one most popular and awesome extensions to get your compotator fonts and heading pixel size. Find full webpage font and font size with web color code. I use it for changing my blog fonts and making my blog attractive and cool 😀 . Read more…/Install WhatFont

Final Words!

 This is all top and best google chrome extensions for newbie bloggers. I also use these and its improve SEO side of your blog. you can also know more about your compositor from this all list. I hope you enjoy this article 🙂

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  1. Hello Vishal,

    As a blogger and Google chrome lover, I’m just using SEOQuake extension. ColorZilla is surely one of the best and useful extension which I’m going to add into my browser now.

    I need to edit photos and make new ones for my articles and this extension will surely help me in picking the right colors of my choice.

    I’ll surely have a look to other extensions too listed here.


  2. Hello! Vishal

    This article was very helpful for me as i’m a newbie to the Blogging Community.

    I installed Alexa Toolbar and SEOQuake as per your suggestions and really happy with the advantages to these extensions.

    I’m going to try all these extensions. Thanks for sharing this informative article as it helped me a lot.

  3. Hi Vishal,

    Thanks for sharing this! For me, I would go for Buffer + Moz + Alexa.

    Great list too mate!

  4. Great list! I am a big fan of chrome extensions and hadn’t heard of Colorzilla. I will have to grab that.

    I would add RiteTag that shows you the popularity of hashtags and lets you schedule tweets without having to leave the page.

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