Hide My IP Review: Change Your IP Address Online (Best Tool)

Hide My IP Review

In this article, we will provide you with reviews on hiding My IP and why you should use it for safe internet usage.

At the beginning of the Internet age, while connecting through the Internet we were able to do anything. But, as soon as the marketing techniques rolled out, it significantly adjudged the privacy of people connecting to the internet. Can you imagine a situation, where people are recording all your activities including tracking of all the websites you visit, and making note of the products you wish to buy? Little startled, right? If you are searching for the most effective way to ensure your privacy while being connected to the internet, then this is the very right place where you landed. To ensure privacy, you need to use online software because their need has been substantially increased since the commencement of the 21st century.

Based on the research, Hide My IP has been chosen as the best tool for ensuring the Internet privacy of online users. It does help in making online transactions secure by selecting random IP addresses from many fake IP addresses. It is one of the best tools for digital marketers and to be honest, it is for all internet users. Other applications can be easily synced with this amazing internet security software.

Hide My Ip Review


What can harm your computer?

If you are not aware of the basic technology of internet security, then you must know about these types of conditions.

  • Anyone can easily track your real place and location
  • Anyone can easily gather all the private information on your computer like an IP address
  • If your PC stores any sensitive data, then hackers can easily download the same
  • If you don’t have SSL encryption, then hackers can simply and easily, track and download the data stored on PCs

It is quite important to know about computer security issues as well as to understand the implementation of all the security tricks on the same.

Hide My IP- Features

  • It helps in hiding the identity of the user while surfing the web. It manages to hide the real IP address and changes the same with a different one while connecting to the internet. So, it helps in not tracing your identity. It even allows the users to choose the country through which they want to connect to the internet as it offers around 77 virtual IP addresses including places like Australia, America, Asia, and many more.
  • It helps in unlocking the blocked websites in schools, government offices, and colleges. It helps in bypassing all the internet filters which are barracked by the institutions.
  • It helps in encrypting the data which is being transferred by the user over the internet through its SSL feature. Using this software will help you in preventing all sensitive information including credit or debit card details, emails, and everything from a leak into the hands of hackers.
  • It provides a safe as well as the fastest surfing experience along with unlimited bandwidth. Other similar products do provide limited bandwidth but Hide My IP does not put any limitations on its bandwidth.

Hide My IP- Setup Guide

Setting up Hide My IP is quite easy compared to its competitors. Here is a brief setup guide about the same.

  1. Download the software from its official website.
  2. Install it on your PC or laptop. Open it.

On the main page, you will come across some options and features.

  • Check the mark on IP Rotation so that the IP address changes automatically after a short period.
  • Check mark on Clear Cookie which will help you in preventing tracking of the records.
  • Check the mark on Launch on Startup as you need not manually start the software after turning on your device.
  1. After selecting the suitable options, click on Hide My IP to start with the software.

Do you know that around 10% of internet users experience computer hacking, as well as 20% of the users, experience footprinting and information-gathering issues? Every hacker before hacking the system targets specific information about the user which is the process of foot-printing. For preventing this type of issue, we have to Hide My IP software which allows users to perform every task independently without any risks.

Hide My IP is the best tool and software available in the market which ensures the security of all the problems associated with internet privacy. This software is being used by millions of internet users and if you are too looking for the best internet security software, then Hide My IP is the best choice. This software helps in easily accessing all the blocked websites with its VPN technology.

What makes hide My IP better than its competitors?

Hide My IP is the only single internet security software available with amazing features. You need to pay a little more for using its competitors, but Hide My IP charges a minimal one-time fee. It has got easy, neat, and user-friendly UI and even a non-technical person can use this software.

Hide My IP software help all internet users from surfing the Web easily as well as prevent hackers from acquiring the real IP as well as other important information. The best feature of this software is that it does allow the user to change the location. It helps in preventing other people from knowing your exact location. It is an awesome VPN as well as a private proxy tool available for PCs and laptops.

Download Hide My Ip

Final Words!

Hide My IP is the best tool available in the market for keeping your online privacy safe. It is available in the trial as well as a paid version but the company offers limited features with its trial version. Frankly, its paid version is just too awesome because of its amazing features. With its paid version, it offers fast and easy downloading and surfing along with discounted billing cycles. Moreover, it has got amazing customer support.

Don’t just wait now and grab this amazing software to have the best Internet privacy.


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