Hosting Raja Review: Best Hosting Company in India

Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja has quickly made its name among Indian webmasters who were once looking for something affordable and reliable. There are two things that you need to start an online company, a domain name and a web-host. A domain name is basically the “name” of your website, like The web-host is the company that provides you with web-hosting, which is essentially just the online storage that you need to store your website files.
Till now, a majority of Indian webmasters were moving toward the western alternatives because of their good service quality and effective customer support. Hosting Raja is something that has saved many internet players from huge web-hosting costs meanwhile providing them with good quality of service in their own country.

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What is Hosting Raja?

Hosting Raja started off as a web development company that provided Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Concreate5 services. As it grew over the past 10 years in market, it has served thousands of clients and is now serving as a web host to over 10,000 accounts. The amazing work that they are putting in to their work has earned them several awards and above that they’ve gained trust of their clients.

What sets it apart from the Competition?

Hosting Raja is known for providing the best in price web-hosting service that its clients can rely on. I have seen some people running fairly heavy websites with good amounts of traffic and they were doing really well. Also, I haven’t seen anyone complaining about downtime with Hosting Raja, most of the times, it was on their part for the downtime of their website. Hosting Raja always had an upgrade available.
They’ve a plan for every type of requirement, more about that in the pricing section of this article.

What all do they support?

Hosting Raja can take care of all the major CMS’s like Joomla, WordPress and Magento with its specific plans. It also offers Windows and Linux hosting, both, so that you don’t have to find a new host when you’re looking for either one of them.

Their Reseller Hosting Service is worth trying

If you’re in to web hosting reselling business, you can certainly try your hand on Hosting Raja’s reseller program. I’ve seen many people praising it for its ease of use and their ability to make a lot of money out of it. If you are serious about starting a reselling business in India with smallest of budget and best of the opportunities then Hosting Raja is the company you need to be with.

What about the Pricing?

From what I’ve seen on Hosting Raja website, they have a plan for everyone. It’s not like that you cannot expect high quality products here, but, it’s just that you need to be specific of what you actually need. It is affordable, no doubt in that. One can start a website for as low as Rs. 69 per month.
This is something that can prove to be quite helpful for our newbie blogger and small time webmasters, as most of the time they are lacking funds for the high end products that are prominent in the market. Hosting Raja gives them the platform they need to boost their online results.
You get a Free Domain with every plan, and you can host unlimited domain up that as well.

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How is the Customer Support?

I would say that the world is going through a phase where you cannot expect a quick response from your webhost for your problem. While most of the major players in the market take even hours to connect you with their live support team, Hosting Raja can help you out in less time always. They have a good number of dedicated people for the support section. You will be able to connect to the live chat team, rather very easily.

The Final Verdict

Hosting Raja is worth spending your money on if you’re going to have most of your traffic coming from India and the pricing makes it a no-brain selection for your next Internet venture.

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