How do you Insert the, therefore, symbol in Microsoft Word?

How do you Insert the therefore symbol in Microsoft Word

#Let us give you a summary of Microsoft word :

Microsoft Word is one of the programs provided within the Office package and is intended for word processing so that it can enter words in electronic format on virtual documents and then process them and make them as required according to the user’s need so that they can be printed on paper or keep them in electronic form, which is one of the most important programs produced by the American company Microsoft for word processing. It was the first version of it in the year 1983 AD under the name of Multi-Tool Word and this program was dedicated to the operating system Xenix, which is one of the versions of Unix licensed by the AT&T phone factories, which was sold and promoted by Microsoft before the release of its other famous systems for personal computers.

#The definition of the Word will be divided into two parts:

1-The first section: its well-known meaning

It is a word processor through which we can enter data that will be in the form of (letters, numbers, symbols, pictures, etc.)

2-The second section: its scientific meaning

It is one of the Office programs invented by Microsoft, which joins the family of applications.

#What are application programs?

Is the software that the user can not modify it

#Word properties:

-Writing texts in multiple languages ​​(Arabic and foreign)

-Setting a writing page such as adjusting margins, paper orientation, paper size, printing options, creating multiple pages, and reverse margins

-Implementing a style or formatting on the document such as text alignment, font size, font type, text color, background color, and others

-Insert: images, AutoShapes, graph, organization chart, drawn text, and more.

-Creating and coordinating tables, sorting data, and using some formulas of equations and functions inside these tables.

-Find and replace some text inside the document in different languages.

-Secure the document by protecting it and saving it with a password so that no user can open it.

-Save the document as a web page or save it as a template until you use more than one document.

-Open a document that was previously saved and modified, then save it again with the same name or save it with another name

-Document preview before printing.

-Learn about document file properties such as filename, creation date, and modification date.

#Now Let’s know about Word and how to get there:

You can open a Word program in several ways, the most important of which are:

1- From the Start menu, choose Run. A window will appear, type in the word, and then Ok, the program will open.

2- You can run the program by shortening the program

3- From the Start menu, choose All Programs, then choose Microsoft Office, then choose Microsoft Office Word

#List of Word versions:

MS-DOS versions

1993 Word 6.0

Mac OS versions (Mac OS and Mac OS X)

Word 1 January 1985

1987 Word 3

1989 Word 4

1991 Word 5

1993 Word 6

1998 Word 98

Word 2001 released in 2000, supports Mac OS 9 version

Word V.x is the first version designed specifically for Mac OS X.

Word 2004

Word 2008 within the Office 2008 suite for the Macintosh

#The inclusion of signs and symbols in the Microsoft word program

With the keyboard, we can insert a few symbols, such as the $ dollar coin symbol

The @ symbol says at, plus +, -, *, and%, and other frequently used tags.

But we need to use many symbols and signs like the following symbols: –

In the following figure, some symbols that we may need and cannot include with the keyboard these symbols and many others are provided by the Microsoft word program by inserting a symbol from the insert tab

These symbols can be identified, and then you can make several formats such as enlarging and reducing their size, as well as changing their color.

How do you Insert the, therefore, symbol in Microsoft Word?

To insert a symbol, we press the insert tab, then from the symbols group, we press the symbol command, and we find a set of symbols that are most used and when clicking on any symbol it is inserted into the Word document.

How do you Insert the, therefore, symbol in Microsoft Word?

The following figure shows a set of symbols that were inserted into the Word program by clicking on the symbol command

How do you Insert the, therefore, symbol in Microsoft Word?

When you click on More symbols, other symbols are accessed

From the symbols window that will appear after clicking on more symbols … It is possible that when selecting the font type AGA Arabesque, we notice that there are many Arabic symbols and Islamic motifs as shown, so if you want to include any of these symbols, click on it and then insert

When choosing the font type, wingdings2, we notice a large number of symbols. These symbols are valid sign symbol and error mark that is frequently used when writing questions and exams.

When clicking on the special characters tab, we notice a set of signs and symbols that are frequently used next to each icon for its keyboard shortcut.

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