How These 5 Advances in Dog Tech Could Change Your Life

Advances in dog technology that could change your life

Dogs are a part of our family and so is technology now as it is an era of technology. So here is an article on how advances in dog tech could change your life.

The dog became a member of the family symbolizing a great company for adults and children. In this sense it is important to emphasize that not only is it enough to have one in the house, but it is also essential to have all the necessary tools to offer for your dog an adequate habitat, a job to which new technologies are adding, making a great contribution in terms of care.

This is how new technological devices have dabbled in the market, providing alternatives to owners so that pets carry an adequate diet, run less danger and have an appropriate health.

Technology is fundamental in a society that wants to go further every day. Technological advances are encompassing everything and are not only facilitating the lives of people, but also that of our most loyal companions dogs.

Recently, we have seen that a large volume of IT market revenues comes from innovative developments that are intended for our pets. That is why we are going to present you with the best gadgets that technology has created so that you can have the best care. Source:- myamazingdog

How these 5 advances in dog tech could change your life:

1. Necklace with GPS:

companies such as Qualcomm and Retrieval, were dedicated to creating devices that facilitate the tracking of the dog, in addition to offering information on where it is. This location data can be viewed from the cell phone, likewise these devices can also send text messages with the coordinates where our pet is located. When you remove this necklace, it activates and sends information about the location, in case of theft it is an excellent alternative.

2. Automatic food dispenser:

there are several companies that innovated in the installation of this device. However one of the most mentioned is the “pet phone” created by the Japanese, which can be activated from anywhere using only the mobile phone and the dispenser will eject the amount of food sufficient and fresh. In addition, this device allows us to communicate with our pets through the speaker that has installed.

3. Camera:

this device can be installed on the collar of the dog and allows to see what path our pet carries, besides a very important fact is that this camera is approved of blows, in such a case that the animal is not careful.

5. Bark Translator:

Due to the need to increase the levels of understanding between pet and master, recently “Bow-Lingual”, a device that interprets the barking of the dog and issues a report that goes directly to a wireless receiver, was released. This analyzes and exports in 6 emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, needy, angry and energetic, which are represented by facial emoticons.

5. Survival toys:

What better than the combination of a surveillance camera and interactive functions for pets to feel the presence of their master, even if he is not at home? For example, the PetCube camera synchronizes with your Smartphone so you can control, talk and even play with your dog from a distance, because the device has a built-in laser with which to entertain. In this way, it also reduces the anxiety that animals suffer every time they are left alone.

So These technological devices promise to be the right hand of the masters and the best friends of the dog, without a doubt a tendency that everyone will love. Get more info about dog from here.

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