How To Backup Windows 7 By Creating a System Image

Backup Windows 7 By Creating a System Image

Today, I am talking about how to Backup Windows 7 by Creating a System Image. Many peoples format their PC or Upgrade. Then, they had to install their previous important software and setup their PC as it was in past and the frustration comes because it is very irritating to set up your whole because it takes a lot of time. So, by Creating a System Image, you get a copy of your PC. So, as you format or upgrade your PC and enter this system image. Your PC will automatically setup. You can see your all software as you left, and there are no changes in the drives and software. No additional software will install. So, take a look at those steps.

how to backup windows 7

How To Backup Windows 7 Complete Guide

Step 1: Go to your Start menu and click on Control Panel.

go to control pannal in win7

Step 2: The Control Panel Page opens up, under the System and Security Heading, Click on Backup your computer.

windows backup

Step 3: The backup and restore page opens up, click on create a system image on the left side of the panel.

windows 7 backup

Step 4: Then, it is start looking for backup devices. You can store the system image on a Hard Disk, on one or more DVDs or on a network location.

select back drive

Step 5: I have a lot of space on my partition disk, and I want to select on a Hard Disk. Select the disk and click on the Next Button.

If you want to store on DVD so, click on one or more DVDs and select your DVD and click on next.

If you wish to store on Network, So click on the last option on a network location. Select your browser and enter username and password and hit next.

Step 6: then, the Confirm your backup page opens up, it will notify you that how much the space the system image require. I think Approx. 10 to 12 GB.

external hard drive

Step 7: Once you were done all your steps, click on backup start button to proceed.

Start windows 7 backup

Step 8: Once it’s complete, it will ask you create a system repair disc to restore your PC from the System image. If you are creating the system image the first time, so, create the system repair disc by clicking on Yes. If you already created, click on No.

windows 7 recovery

Step 9: If you have multiple CD drives on your PC. So select the drive and click on Create Disc Button.

windows 7 backup disk

Step 10: Once the process is complete, you will receive a message containing all the information about this System Repair disc methods.

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Final Words!

I hope you like my complete guide on “how to backup windows 7”. if you like it then share it with your friends or you have any question about making back disk then comment below and I’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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