How to change wifi password spectrum?

how to change wifi password spectrum

How to change wifi password spectrum? If you are looking for an answer to this question. Go ahead you ll get it in this article.

A router device, or what is known as a router, is a network device used to connect two different networks together and direct data between them.

In general, the use of the router spread a lot from a few years to increase the demand for the distribution of one Internet line to more than one user, and this can be done in two ways,

  • The first way is to allocate a computer operating 24 hours called a server for distribution, and this is, of course, expensive and has problems for small or home networks,
  • The second and best way is to use a small, low-cost device to solve this problem, which is the router.

There are many types, but the most popular one is the cheapest and most reliable type, Tp-link, and the settings are easy and available.

It is characterized by the four yellow outlets, which are called Lan, which devices will be connected to it as part of a local network.

It also has the advantage of broadcasting a radio signal with radio waves on devices that have a wireless network card, such as laptops and others.

And its signal reaches an excellent level of approximately 30 meters and reaches greater distances depending on the spatial and weather conditions.

#The router

Most Internet users at home communicate with the network via a router ” Access Point “

A router is a device that is usually provided by the Internet service provider that you subscribe to and it is a plastic box with one or more antenna connected to it.

how to change wifi password spectrum

The router is a mini-computer jewel that takes care of the process of directing traffic through  the internet between your computers (mobile phone) and the internet connection provided by  the service provider

The router connects you to the internet

The router creates a small network that connects all devices connected to each other and through this network devices are able to access other devices connected to the same router and this can be useful for carrying out activities such as joint games or file sharing

#How to change a router password

You must search for the Wi-Fi network name using your mobile phone (in case you know the network name and password)

how to change wifi password spectrum

Using the computer in case you do not know the network name and password, you must connect the computer to the router through the special connection wire  (Ethernet cable), which is present with the router mostly

After confirming that you have joined the network, you should log in to the router settings page via the internet browser you are using

You should know that every device (cellular, computer or even the router itself) is connected to a Wi-Fi network that has its own number or address and it is called the IP address, which distinguishes each device from the other, which we will use to be able to enter the settings of the router

Often the IP address of the router is written on the device itself from the back or it may be written in the instructions book supplied with the device Often it is ( or ( Type this number into your internet browser in the box in which you usually write the website address you want to access

You will see the name of the manufacturer of the router and the name of the company providing the Internet and you will be asked to enter the password name and password

It is often found on the back-end router or in the instruction book, and it is often the password name admin and the password admin

Sometimes you are prompted for a password name and password when you click on the Settings page

To change your router’s password and even change the network name, click on option (WLAN) or (wi-Fi) or (Wireless) Depending on your router, you will find an option named (SSID) or (Network Name) Change the name you want  As for the password, you will find on the same page an option named (WPA –PSK Key) or (Password ) or (Wireless Key )

Change the password as you want

After changing them, save your changes by pressing (apply ) or (save) It will then alert you that the router will restart itself (restart)

Immediately, the device you use will be disconnected from the network, after which you will search for the new network name and enter the new password

#How to change the wireless router password

1- Enter  in the address bar

2- Enter your username and password according to your router type

3- From the Terminal menu, choose (wireless)

4- Click on a word (security)

5- Enter the new password 6- don’t forget to save changes click to save/apply

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