How to Control Android Phone From PC by Airdroid

Control Android Phone From PC by Airdroid

Hello Friends, Today I’m showing how you can transfer your file, play your music, view your messages and also control your android phone from a PC. This is very simple and easy to use from your PC or Chrome browser.

Android is a free application for controlling your Android device. It supports all devices. Here I’ll show you how to setup it up.

control android phone from pc

Control Android Phone From the PC

Step 1: First sign up for AirDroid for free. Then sign-in to your AirDroid App.

Step2: Once you sign in, a dialog box appears and asks for enabling all the features. To enable all the features, click on “Enable”.

enable airdroid

Step 3: After you enable features, the “Notification access” screen display. Click on AirDroid Notification Mirror Service or you can skip all the steps also.

Notification access airdroid

Step 4: Once it completes, a Confirmation box appears. Click on “Ok”.

Step 5: You can recheck the setting also. Press the back button to return to the App.

Step 6: In the App, you can see the Web Address.

airdroid Web Address

Step 7: Open your browser on your PC, and go to the AirDroid website. A dialog box appears, asking you to sign in or sign up.

Step 8: Click on “Scan QR code”. Turn Your Mobile camera on and aim the camera directly at your QR Code. Your Mobile will detect the QR code and connect to the PC.

Scan QR code

Step 9: The AirDroid Connect your Device to a PC with the same network.

AirDroid Connected

AirDroid Home Screen in Google Chrome:

Step 1: Once you are connected, you can see the AirDroid Main page, which contains all the information about your device. To see Wi-Fi connection strength and Battery Power, look at the bottom right corner to see all this information.

AirDroid Main page

Step 2: To see more details of your device, click on “Details” in the upper-right corner.

Show Details

Step 3: A dialog appears and shows all details of your device like storage.

device details

Transferring and Managing the Files:

Step 1: To view the Document like media, etc. You had clicked on “Files” in the left-hand corner.

click on file Icon

Step 2: You can easily delete the files. You had to right-click on files and delete them.

Delete File

Step 3: You can work with “List View” also by clicking “List View” on the top left corner.

Step 4: You can download the files by zipping them. Right-click on any file and click on “Download as ZIP”.

Download As Zip

Step 5: To upload the files without USB. Click on Upload Button in the right-hand corner.

Upload file

Step 6: The “Upload Files” dialog box appears. Drag and Drop the files for the PC and close the dialog box. Then go to the “Files” again and you can see the files over there.

Drag & Drop

Step 7: In the Mobile, you can see the files that are transferred.

Step 8: There are various methods to transfer the files, but this is the best method.

Sending and Receiving Text Messaging:

You can Send and Receive Messages with the help of the “Message Panel”.  You need to pick the Android and types of messages for a conversation with someone.

massages in airdroid

Accessing Contacts and Calls log:

The “Contacts” are allowed you to browse your calls and edit.

contact in airdroid

The “Logs” prove the call history of your device on your PC.

call logs in airdroid

Playing Music and managing the Ringtone:

The music panel allows you to listen to music on your PC. You can quickly transfer and download the music from the PC. You can also drag and drop the music from PC. You can set your ringtone according to your wish by the “Ringtone Panel”. There is an option “Set”, this option allows you to set your ringtone. You can upload and download the ringtones also.

play songs airdroid

Viewing Photos:

You can use the Photos Panel to view the photos on a large screen (PC) instead of a small screen (Android).

photos in airdroid

Managing Apps:

On the Apps Panel, you can see all your installed apps. You can uninstall the apps and can download as.APK from the PC. To install the apps from the PC, you had clicked on “Install Apps” in the upper-left corner.

manage apps

Using the Clipboard:

Copy something and paste it to your computer. You can use the “Clipboard” option. Copy something to the clipboard and open the app and you can find the text over there. You can also copy the text from the device to the PC. Copy something to the clipboard by the device and come to the website and refresh the clipboard and you can see the message.

Desktop App

AirDriod makes a desktop app that users can easily access from their desktop or by going to a website. It is also free. You can do everything that you can do on the website.

airdroid on PC

Disconnecting the Device from the PC:

When you are finished with the AirDroid Website, you can easily Sign out. In the app, you can quickly click on the disconnect button and click on the upper-right corner and click on exit.

AirDroid Exit From App

If you are using the AitDroid Desktop App, right-click on the app and click on sign out.

logout from chrome

I hope you find this post very helpful because no one has enough time today to connect their device to a PC or laptop by USB cable. So this is the best way to transfer files or manage your file and also control an android phone from a PC in a single click 🙂


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