How to Disable Network Access to Windows Registry

How to Disable Network Access to Windows Registry

What is the Windows Registry?

The Registry Editor is a tool for changing applicants. Could you be blinking? Windows returns and updates this information if you installed a computer, such as installing a new program, creating a user profile, or adding a new device. Registry Editor Roll displays the registry folders, files, and settings for each registry file.

Usually, you do not need to perform an operation on the log. The registry contains your computer system information, and a change in the computer registry may disable the computer. However, the damaged registry file may be highly recommended to back up the registry

When it appeared in Windows 3.1 it was storing information about com components, in Windows 95 and at any time.

Why Should I disable network access to the registry?

Although it does not pose a danger to the device, there is a possibility that some people will tamper with your device and corrupt it by editing the registry in the event that if your network has access to them they will not need to use your computer

How to Disable network access to Windows Registry?

Now that you know it is best for you to keep your registry safe, let’s start with the steps to ensure that your private device is not accessed.

There will be two ways to disable network access to the Windows registry

Note: These instructions can be applied in many versions of Windows

It is easy to follow these methods even for those who have no experience with Windows

First Method: Edit Settings in Services

One of the ways to disable access to log files remotely is to disable the service itself

This may seem difficult, but in reality, it is a very simple process

Windows operating systems are equipped with a tool that allows you to see and configure services running on your computer. This is what we will need to prevent access to the Windows registry network.

#1- Press with continuing the Windows key on  keyboard, then click R. This shortcut will immediately launch a utility called Run.

#2- You will see a text field where you can input characters. Type in services.MSC and click the OK. Wait for the Services utility to launch

#3- search Remote Registry from the list of services in the right part. The entries are sorted according to alphabetical order, making it easier to locate the entry.

#4- Double click on Remote Registry.

#5- In the General tab, switch Startup type to Disabled.

#6- Click Apply and restart your computer to make the changes final.

Remote users or services on your network should no longer be able to edit the registry files on your computer. You can always reverse this change by setting the Startup type to either Automatic or Manual.

Second Method: Use Registry

This method is quite similar to the first one, however, we will be using the registry itself to modify the settings. For this, you will need a Registry Editor, which is readily available to use on your PC by default.

As mentioned above, the registry should be handled with care. Make sure that you follow our instructions closely. If you want to perform any other tweaks, we heavily recommend that you search for a guide before going in on your own.

Note: If you didn’t create a System Restore point before, it’s a good time to do it now. Alternatively, you can back up the registry itself to eliminate the risk of any damage to your PC. Follow this video by Britec09 to learn how to create and use a registry backup on Windows 7.

Follow these steps to disable network / remote access to your registry on Windows 7:

#1- The first thing we need to do it open the Registry Editor. You can do this by pressing the Windows and R keys at the same time. This shortcut will immediately launch a utility called Run.

#2- Type in the word Regedit and hit the OK button. The Registry Editor should be open within a few seconds.

#3- You can navigate in the registry by pressing the arrow icon next to the name of a folder, officially called a Registry Key. By using this, navigate to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SYSTEM → CurrentControlSet → Services → RemoteRegistry.

#4- Double click on the REG_DWORD entry called Start.

#5- You will see a typable field under Value data. Delete any other number and simply input 4.

Click the OK button and restart your computer.

What we just did was a simple tweak in the Windows Registry. Most settings correspond to numbers within the registry. Here is a quick rundown of the possible settings of RemoteRegistry:

2 = Automatic

3 = Manual

4 = Disabled

These correspond to the settings found in Services. If you want to reverse this change and allow the remote access of your registry, simply edit the value data to a different number.

We hope that our guide was helpful in learning how to disable the network/remote access to your Windows Registry. It’s always nice to know about how your computer functions and what tools you have access to when it comes to customizing your preferences.

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