How To Download Udemy Course For Free [In 5 Min]

Download Udemy Course For Free

Want To Download Udemy Course For Free? If Yes, Then This is the place where you will learn how to download any udemy video for free. I know that lots of people don’t know how to download udemy Course because udemy didn’t have the feature to download Course, you had watched online, and that is very frustrating. So, For This Reason, Today I will show the best and simple method to download udemy videos for free. Before We Start, I want to tell you that, this is the easiest and most efficient way to download the Course from udemy. You Did not have to do lots of things but just a little bit. You had To Just Follow My Steps:

Step-1)  You had To First Download And Install Python on Your PC (Windows).

Step-2) Once You Installed Python on your Windows, you had to add an environment variable in your system to add that, Click on the start menu button, then type “Edit environment variables for your account” and hit enter to search.

Step 3) Then Click on the “Edit environment variables for your account”. A popup window will open up.

Step-4) Click on New Enter The Value Shown On This Picture and Then Click On Ok.

Edit environment variables for your account

Step-5) After Hitting Ok, You had Click Start Menu Again Search for “Windows PowerShell” And then launch the application.

Windows powershell

Step-6) In The Windows PowerShell, You had To Type The Command “install udemy-dl” and then press enter.

Step-7) Now The udemy-dl python script has Been Install In Your System, and Now You Can Easily Download Any Udemy Videos For Free!

How To Download Udemy Course For Free

Step-1) Let’s move on to another step. As we installed the script in our system, Now I Will Show You How To Download Videos.

Step-2) In Your Windows PowerShell, You had To Type This Command To Download Udemy Videos. “udemy-dl <CourseLink>”

Command To Download Udemy Videos

Step 3) It Will Ask for Your udemy Username And Password. Kindly Provide It Your Correct Username And Password. Once you provide that, Windows PowerShell Will Start Your Downloading.

Step-4) This Method Is The Easiest One. It Is Safe And You Did not have to worry about your information and windows.

Download Udemy Course For Free {Video}

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Note-1: Do All Steps Correctly Because If You Miss Any Of Those, Then Your Downloading Can Stuck. Install The Script Correctly According to the information that is provided.

Note-2: Remember one thing that you enrolled course that you want to download using my tricks.


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  1. This is so wrong to do! I put a lot of work into my Udemy course and if I want to give it away for free that should be up to me. I really don’t appreciate people who download my course for free.

  2. In my college we have restriction of 1gb download per day , but in the video demonstrated it downloads all at once , is there an option to download it partially ?

  3. I am here because I don’t have high speed at home. So streaming is a real pain. But I would like to access a free course offline. A program like this would make it work. I think Udemy should make it easier to offline an entire free course. It should not be a problem since it isn’t likely to be pirated. Speaking of which. People. Stop downloading pirated stuff. Our economies are hurting because of you haven’t been paying for other people’s hard work. Millionaires don’t suffer. But those who arent rich work hard at what they do. ANd they deserve every dime they ask. Buy music. Buy movies. Buy software. Be honest. DOn’t be a crook. Piracy is wrong in every way.

  4. I recently found your page and so far I love it. Keep up the good work. You have done an excellent job with your writing.

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