How to Enable/Disable Accidental Touch Protection?

Accidental Touch Protection

Accidental touch protection is a feature, especially in Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are enabled on your phone when your device is in a dark place to prevent accidental touches to wake up the screen.  This sometimes can also be an annoying issue if your phone decides to not respond to your touches. This articles in detail describe how the accidental touch protection feature works and how you can enable or disable it to your convenience.

What is accidental touch protection?

Accidental touches can happen when your phone is kept sideways in a dark place and something touches the screen resulting in the screen responding to the stimulus and getting activated by mistake. This feature protects your device from useless battery expenditure. When your phone is in a dark place, like your bag, pocket or purse, it can easily get activated if it touches anything. But this feature in these Samsung Galaxy devices is smart to judge that when they are in a dark place, no such accidental touch can activate the phone. 

Issues with accidental touch protection

There are two kinds of issues one may face with this feature. Firstly, if the app is disabled in their phone, accidental touches in their bags, pockets or purses launch the apps automatically or worse, even dial-up random numbers! The second category of people includes those who have enabled the features but have face issues where they have in a dark place or poorly lit areas and had troubles unlocking their phone. If you are either of these, this article is especially for you. Read further to how you can enable or disable this feature on your phone.

How to enable/disable accidental touch

The accidental touch feature is not enabled by default in your Samsung device. 

Accidental Touch Protection

To Activate:

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Go the option Display and tap on it
  3. Scroll down to the option called “Accidental touch protection”
  4. Flip the toggle to on

 To Disable:

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Go the option Display and tap on it
  3. Scroll down to the option called “Accidental touch protection”
  4. Flip the toggle to off

Common issues

  • My phone still gets activated despite turning on Accidental touch protection

You can try to lock the phone before placing it into a dark place so that the this is rightly activated

  • My device has to be unlocked in using the lock button when I am in a dark/dim light after activating Accidental touch protection

You can set the brightness level of your device to automatic mode

  • My phone glitches when I try to enable Accidental touch protection

Usually, there haven’t been many reports of glitches or bugs on this feature. A simple reboot might solve your issue. If your problem persists you can try reporting the bug. Make sure that your device is running on the latest OS update and the apps and features are updated as well. If the problem is causing your phone to lag a lot, you can try disabling the feature by following the steps mentioned above. If you still want to run this feature but are facing major lag issues, you should consider doing a factory reset since there might be an issue in the software. Remember to take a device backup online ahead of time.


Accidental touch protection is a very useful feature that not saves your phone’s battery but also prevents it for accidental usage! We highly recommend you to enable this amazing feature provided in Samsung Galaxy Smartphones!

I hope this answers your query on how to enable/disable Accidental touch protection and resolve any issues related to it. If you still find an issue you can leave a comment and explain your issue, we will ensure to get back to you and help you resolve your issue. 

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