How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

How to fix a hacked android phone

Gone are the days when mobile was only useful for making and receiving calls or writing texts. Today’s era is nearly surviving on connections through the telephone, which has simplified communication by bringing people who are miles away closer through a phone. Because this device is so important, let us discuss how to fix a hacked Android phone.

How to fix a hacked android phone

It is easy to hack a phone if it is not well secured. However, you can bar hackers from accessing your device by installing an antivirus app for security. Fixing a hacked device is possible, but from a point of view, the walls created by security apps are dangerous. Perhaps you are unaware of phone hacking and its effects, especially if you have not been there.

Today a mobile phone is handy as it is equipped with all IT necessities. So, users store all their private information like credit card details, passwords, email accounts, and documents, among others. If this information lands in hackers’ hands, then the user is in trouble. 

Keep hackers away and also learn how to keep your Android device safe from this post. You may be unaware that it is hacked, but this post helps you detect if your phone is hacked and how to restore and secure it.

How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

First, you have to determine if your device is hacked. Once fraudsters have access to a device, there are many ways to see that it has been compromised and you should check out the signs below:

New Apps: Go through the apps on your device and see if there are unknown applications installed. Also, check how the app uses data and if it is communicating or sending feedback elsewhere. You may be wondering how these apps get installed on your phone. 

Anytime you click on ads that appear on your phone, some are malware waiting for that click to install unlawfully. Check how many strange apps are using any unknown data because these spy apps use vast loads of data. 

How to monitor data Usage

Follow these simple steps to help monitor data use on your device. 

  1. Switch on your phone
  2. Unlock it by entering Passwords or Pin
  3. Go to the Tab setting
  4. Locate Data usage.

The steps above will lead you to a window where all apps match their data usage. If you find an app that you doubt, then uninstall it immediately. To uninstall an app, you can long-press on it and then release and a small message will pop up ‘Uninstall’? Tap on it, and the app will disappear. 

How to fix a hacked android phone

 Phone Performance: A hacked android device is sluggish. So, if yours appears to be slower than usual, then something is up. Control over other devices is easily achieved through an internet connection. Gaining access to another device over the internet consumes more data and memory space.

Therefore, the affected machine turns out to be slow and sometimes unresponsive. For the hacker to have access, they first transfer unnecessary files and apps to the target; hence the phone space will be low or full. So, check for the unnecessary app and uninstall them right away.

Battery drainage: Is your battery draining too fast that you can’t explain? Then something ain’t right. Yesterday your phone battery was fine but all of a sudden you cannot explain how fast the storm drains, then something is wrong. 

That is a clear demonstration of something happening in a background app draining your battery power. Go through your apps and find if there is an app that is noticeably using high power and get rid of it. 

Automatic calls or text: Spoof calls or texts from unknown numbers is your first indicator that you are hacked. Monitor to see if there are texts or calls from suspicious sources. If is yes then someone else is in control. 

How to Fix a Hacked Android Phone

If any of the above signs are present on your device, then you need to deal with them immediately to restore your phone. Follow the guidelines below and neutralize any threat by hackers. 

Fix 1: Reboot your Android

Your telephone can be genuinely slow, and your mind rushes to hacking conclusions. For some items, rebooting it can quickly restore it to regular saving you from the grave issues of hacking. How do you reboot? Follow these steps:

  1. Long press the Power button on your Android phone until the reboot window displays on the screen.
  2. Devices vary, and some will display a Restart or Reboot tab and keep calm for the process to complete.
  3. After the process is complete, launch your phone and see if the problem is resolved. 
How to fix a hacked android phone

Fix 2: Delete unnecessary apps

Go through your apps and find those that you don’t use or the ones you don’t recall installing. And, anytime you want to install a new app, please download it from the Google Play Store. Third-party apps open doors for malware and adware to enter your system. The fastest way to deal with unused apps is to get rid of them. 

Fix 3: Turn off spam notifications.

The solutions above might have resolved your issues, but you still experience malware problems. Receiving annoying ads and notifications from third-party apps can frustrate you. You can block all messages from unsolicited ads from Google Chrome on behalf of other sites by following the steps below:

  1. Anytime a message pops up, long-press it
  2. The next pop-up window will give you options for the cause of action with a toggle switch.
  3. Please turn off the toggle to prevent more notifications from that app, and it is solved. 

If you have enabled notifications from Google Chrome or another site, follow these steps to disable them.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser app from your Android device.
  2. Tap the three dots on the top right corner and select the Settings button.
  3. Find Site settings then navigate the Notifications.
  4. Look under the Allowed control to find the URL to the websites you have allowed to send you notifications and turn off the toggle.
How to fix a hacked android phone


If your Android device is not operating normally, check if any of the above symptoms are showing or happening then use the solution provided on how to fix a hacked Android phone and resolve the issue. There is no documented solution to deal with hackers, but you can safeguard your device from becoming a target. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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