How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update? 

How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update

It is beyond any doubt that updates are crucial for the frictionless functionality of an operating system, however, they do tend to be time-consuming. We’ve all been there where we’d leave the computer on over-night for a Windows 10 update.

It is common that people overlook Windows 10 update, and confront the consequences as a result – these updates contain numerous security patches and bug fixes. Albeit, this is not the case every time! Even though the updates are meant to optimize the operating system, hardware configurations can become a hindrance. As such, sometimes, Windows updates get stuck, freeze, or can even crash your computer!

In this article, I will explain what can cause these issues, how to fix them, and how to diagnose and troubleshoot your computer. Bear in mind that these instructions aren’t distinct for one particular version of Windows 10.

How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update
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Normally, the installation of updates for Windows 10 gets stuck or freezes at one of the mentioned points below;

  • Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer.
  • Getting Windows ready, Don’t turn off your computer.
  • Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update [x] of [x].
  • Working on updates, [x]% complete, Don’t turn off your computer.
  • Configuring Windows updates, [x]% complete, Don’t turn off your computer.
  • Keep your PC on until this is done, Installing updates [x] of [x].


There may be several factors which can cause the Windows updates to get stuck, or freeze. It can a bug inside of the operating system which might be causing the update to freeze, or some software encounters.

Sometimes, it can be your computer’s hardware – for instance, a bug inside of your computer’s hard-drive, or an issue with the RAM. You should always check if your computer’s hardware meets the requirements for the update!

It can also occur if there is a sudden change in the hardware – for instance, if your computer’s hard-drive unplugs, or if you change peripheral devices.

It can even be an issue on Microsoft’s part, however, that seldom ever happens during the installation of updates. It is also worth mentioning that these issues aren’t reserved to Windows 10, and can occur on any operating system.

How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update

How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update?

Before I move forward with the solution to the issue, you need to be certain that the update is stuck, or frozen. It’s a common mistake that people assume the update is stuck or frozen when it is really not.

If you’ve been staring at a stationary screen for two hours, there’s a chance that the update is actually stuck. However, if it’s only been half-an-hour, and the loading icon is rotating, your update might not be stuck – give it some more time, and if it’s still not moving any further from that screen, attempt the solutions.

Diagnosis is critical before troubleshooting, because if you attempt the solutions and the issue isn’t present, new problems can arise, which could even damage your computer.


You can begin with the generic troubleshooting method of turning your computer off, and then on – this works most of the time. It will reset your computer, and clear the system’s temporary memory. If your updates are stuck, restart your computer normally, but if your updates are frozen, perform a hard-reset.


First of all;

  1. Close Windows Update Services.
  2. Rename the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.old – this will clear the Windows Update download cache to let it restart.
  3. Restart Windows Update Services.

To run the troubleshooter;

  • In the Start menu, type “Troubleshooting” and open it.
How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update
  • You will notice an option for Windows Update, click on that.
How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update
  • Then, the option to Run the troubleshooter will appear, click on it. The Troubleshooter will start searching for the issues, and inform you if it finds and fixes your issue. Once the troubleshooting process ends, you can re-start with the Windows updates.
How To Fix The Stuck Windows 10 Update


If all else fails, instead of draining your computer even more, perform a factory reset. This will erase everything on your computer, however, you can choose to keep personal files. It will give your computer a new beginning!

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