How To Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot – Speed Up Your PC

Many users facing the problem that there Windows 10 is running slow in startup and this article will help you to make you Windows 10 reboot faster! How to fix Windows 10 slow boot? Many users are asking this question but no one can find the exact solution for this. Actually it is quite simple! Yes, you heard right! You don’t have to do additional downloads or some sort of rigorous trick! By following some simple steps, anyone in this world can make his Windows 10 Reboot Faster! There can be lots of causes for your Windows 10 slow boot. I will help you to solve this problem and to do so, you only have to follow my steps:

How To Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot

Step1) Firstly, open the start menu and search for Power Option.

Step2) Then, Click on the Power Option icon.

Step3) On Power Option Panel Page, Select “Choose what the power button does” option at the left hand side of the page.

Step4) You can see a shield icon on the page.

Step5) Click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable”! It may ask for the administrator’s permission.

Step6) Now, Scroll down for Shut Down settings.

Step 7) Now un-check the option “Turn on fast startup”


Step 8) Lastly, click on save changes!

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Keep You Desktop Clean!

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Disable Windows 10 Graphics Drivers to Fix Windows 10 Slow Boot Nvidia and AMD

Graphics might be a problem for the fast startup. Follow The Steps:

Step1) Firstle, Right click on start menu.

Step2) Now, You have to select the “device manager”

Step 3) Now click on Device Adaptors.

Step4) Now you have to identify the dedicated graphics card. It can be Nvidia or AMD, etc.

Step5) Next, right click on it and select the Disable option.

Step6) You Screen can turn to black for once.

Step7) Restart you PC and this can resolve your problem.


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