How To Install Windows 10 in Your PC Or Laptops

Recently Microsoft launched his new version of windows. They introduce new windows (windows 10). It’s released on 29 July, and this is the global launch of Windows 10. After releasing many people asking how to install Windows 10 in PC so after reading lots of queries. I released the right way of installing Windows 10 on your home or working PC.

how to install windows 10

So follow the simple steps and install Windows latest operating system. You can also see the feature of windows on Microsoft website.

How To Download And Make Bootable Drive

Windows is providing free upgrading and download the ISO image of Windows 10. Here are the steps to Download Windows 10 and make bootable drive.

Step 1: First download Windows 10 ISO image from the Microsoft official site. In that same page, you can download the web installer and upgrade your PC. That’s an easy way.

Step 2: If you are installing it on a home PC, you can easily upgrade your PC, Burn it to a disk or create a bootable USB drive. Or run it on Virtual Machine. But install in Virtual Machine is only for testing.

what do you want to do

Step 3: Install by clicking on next button, make sure that you choose upgrade option for clean installation.

Note: Windows 10 is officially released. And make sure your Windows is activated, in order to perform an update. 

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How To Install Windows 10 in Your PC

Step 1: First time when you boot your computer. You will see a screen like this.
On first boot

Step 2: when you click on next button, and then you see the install button. Then you had to click on next button to proceed the installation.
click on install button

Step 3: At that stage, you had two option whether you upgrade your PC or make a new custom installation. We recommended you to click on custom installation.
upgrade or custom install

But the First time you had to choose the upgrade option otherwise the license key will not work.

Step 4: In this point, you will need to choose where you want to install Windows 10. With my personal experience, I think you need to Delete or create a partition. But if you’re installing the Windows 10 on Virtual Machine, you just click on next button.
select partition

Step 5: Now it will install. It may take time, but the result is good for you. Be patience.
installation begin

Step 6: Once the PC reboot, you will be able to choose the setting and select whether you want Windows upgrade or not. If you are using it on a test machine, use express settings or you really using it on your PC, choose the custom configuration. It will give you all the features and settings.

configure settings

Step 7: Now they will ask you to sign into your Microsoft Account. We recommended you to sign-in with your Microsoft Account otherwise you will able to enjoy only half of the Windows 10 features. So always use Windows 10 with Microsoft Account.

Step 8: If you set up your Account correctly, they will you to verify in the middle of the installation.

Now, they will ask you how to setup your PC. We wanted to see all new things in your upgrade PC, so we choose new PC instead, if you wanted to copy all the setting from your old PC to new, you can.

Step 9: Now they will tell you about One Drive. One Drive is a nice cloud storage. You can simply click on next button.

Step 10: and a screen will come with a variety of color. The screen will tell all about Windows 10.

Step 11: After few minutes of intro, we are on the desktop. And you can enjoy all the features of Windows 10 like multitasking. And much more to perform.

windows 10 desktop

Step 12: Now click on start menu and explore the features of windows 10. And I hope that these steps help to install Windows 10 easily. Windows 10 have many features to see. So enjoy your New and upgraded Smart Microsoft Windows 10.

windows 10 start menu

How To Install Windows 10 In Your PC:

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Final Words!

I hope you enjoy my post and after reading this post I think you are running Windows 10 in your PC very smoothly 🙂 If you can’t then type your question in below comment box. After that take rest then I’ll reply you.

Thanks for coming I hope next time you’ll open my blog in new windows edge browser 🙂


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