How To Pick The Right Headphone Amp

right headphone amp

Do you love hearing music anytime, anywhere but do not want to bother those who are around you? Then, you can use headphones. Not satisfied with the quality of sound when using your headphones? Well, you might be needing a headphone amplifier. Interested in knowing how to pick the right headphone amp? Just keep on reading because you are exactly on the right page.

Before buying a headphone amp, you should first know its features and specs. Your decision should be according to your specific needs. Let’s discuss some of the things to consider in choosing the right headphone amp.

Headphone Amplifier With A Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC)

You can enhance a room speaker by pairing it with a good power amplifier. The same thing goes with a headphone since it is also a speaker, only a smaller version. Using a headphone amp can intensify the sound and produce more improved music for your ears. In these modern times, you may also be interested in getting an amplifier with a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) especially when you’re recording audio for professional applications. Digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is usually used so noisy environments in your computer won’t mess with your music.

Tube Amps vs Solid State Amps

These are the two types of amplifier technology. You may be wondering, what is the difference between the two?

Tube Amps

Tube amps are also called vacuum amps and thermionic valves since it is a traditional amplifier (that possibly uses Wirewound Resistors) that regulates the electric current through a vacuum-sealed glass valve. This technology has been tested for decades, which proves that it has good quality when it comes to design and performance. The advantages of tube amps include smoother and more responsive sound quality. It is also more powerful than solid-state amps. Long-lasting with less maintenance needed but the downside is its heavy and bulky design. Plus, the tendency of overheating since it is susceptible to heating issues.

Solid State Amps

On the other hand, the solid-state amp is the newer technology. It fuses transistor circuits and diodes to convert the electrical signal into an audio signal. The solid-state amp has evolved in time and its design became more stable. It is significantly more affordable and has cleaner audio compared to a tube amp. It can easily be carried around because of its more compact design. But just a broken part might mean a replacement for the whole unit. Another disadvantage is that the sound may drop when putting the volume to a maximum level.

Is It Compatible With Your Headphones?

right headphone amp

This is important thing to consider whether your headphones are compatible with the amplifier. You will know this through impedance matching. Both the amplifier and your chosen headphones have an impedance rating. Therefore, to produce a good sound the impedance of your amp must be in harmony with the impedance of your headphones.

Sometimes, being picky with what to purchase has an advantage. First, you will have time to examine if the product you are getting is a good deal or not. Secondly, you can evaluate yourself if you need it. Of course, the decision always depends on you.

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