How To Play Fallout 3 On Windows 10

How To Play Fallout 3 On Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version produced by Microsoft and is the new version of the Windows operating system, Which provided new prospects for the concept of playing on the PC. Fallout 3 game is one of the compatible games on Windows 10.

Let us give you a summary of the Fallout 3 game:

#1 The story of the fallout 3 game :

Fallout 3 is an action, adventure, and post-disaster game, The events of the game take place in the year 2277 AD in the capital of the United States of America Washington, or the rest of it as the great war that occurred in 2077 has left a huge impact on the planet Earth, where cities have become wreckage and forests, have become an arid land. Their water has become radioactive contaminated and not suitable for drinking and people miss In it the most basic elements of living. The general view of the game looks like it was in the 1950s when you saw old cars, old ads, and old radios.

How To Play Fallout 3 On Windows 10

#2 Fallout 3 Game settings :

Of course, there are mineral caves in the high mountains that are called (shelters) designed before the war to accommodate people in them, as they are very developed and have everything that people need to live in. The events of the game begin with the birth of the hero of the game (you can choose to be a man or a woman) inside shelter No. 101. The mother dies and stays with your father and when you reach a murder that occurs inside shelter 101 your father becomes the main suspect in the crime so he escapes from the shelter from which no one left and leaves you alone. You also run away from the shelter trying to find your father and find out why he left you, and so your journey begins. In the end, she discovers many more events, much greater than what happened in Refuge 101

On your long journey, you will see destroyed cities, destroyed metro stations, and distorted human beings. When you exit from the shelter, you have only a pistol, and you will meet the bandits, wild animals, deformed creatures, and people who seek you to help them, and there are a lot of secondary tasks that will bring you money and experience and what distinguishes the game, On the other hand, it is the music that calls for contemplation of destroyed homes, homeless people, fighting music and moments of victory and defeat.

#3 How to play fallout 3:

The same style of Action RPG also Bethesda has put FPS or ” First Person Shooter“cameras as well as TPS or “Third Person Shooter” cameras in addition to the top camera from the side, all this special for this game to satisfy all tastes.

Also, there is a combat system called “VATS” and this system I advise using it with powerful enemies as it allows you to stop the battle “stop-time” for a period that enables you to target the enemy and hit him, of course, if you hit him in the leg he will become slow and he will not be able to catch you and if you hit him in his hands he will not improve aiming And if you hit him in the head, he will go blind.

#4 VAT system :

Whatever weapon you use, you can take advantage of the VATS system, which is an abbreviation of  “Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System”, whether you are fighting with giant mutant monsters (Super Mutants) or using it to shoot an ugly ghoul or fighting some of the mercenaries who live in the destroyed lands.

This system enables you to stop the battle at any moment by clicking on the right analog stick and then aiming at specific parts of the body – the head, hands, legs, or even the trunk – or trying to aim the enemy weapon to fall from his hands.

Your target to any area or organ of the body will lose the possibility to benefit from this part of the body in the attack. For example, you can shoot at their hands to weaken the accuracy of their shooting or shoot at their feet to slow down their movement or target their chest to reduce the speed of their response, or blind them with a shot to the head.

On the other hand, they will try to do this to you, so you should pay attention to the health status of each part of your body individually. Each shot using VATS will take action points, which only increase when you do not shoot or succeed in killing someone.

#5 The period for the game:

If you only play the basic game without performing the sub-missions, it will take about 20 to 25 hours. If you play the sub-tasks in addition to the basic game, it will take about 100 hours. If you decide to explore the full map, the game may take a year.

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