How to Sign Out of Google Play Store on an Android Device

The Google play store is the number one store where users from all around the world can download a huge array and variety of apps, games, music, and even movies now. Programmers and developers can also develop Android gaming and application software and put it up on the play store through a series of assembly language or other programming instructions.

However, reports have it that users are facing a few difficulties signing out of the play store on their Android devices. In this article let us see how to sign out of the Google play store on an Android device.

One very important requirement to sign out of the Google play store is that the user must be logged into his or her respective Google account. Google is directly linked to the play store on android, and they form a kind of linking with each other as well. It is obvious that the user must sign out from Google to eventually sign out of the Google play store on the Android device.

The play store in android harbors a huge number of apps and games that tend to attract millions of users worldwide to download them.

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Let us now see how to sign out of the Google play store on an Android device, using a few sure shot techniques that have proven to be extremely effective.

How To Sign Out of Google Play Store

The first technique is to sign out by using the Android phone settings itself.

1.) The big question on the user’s mind is how to sign out! This, however, has a very simple and easy solution. The user will have to just go to the Android settings and do the needful.
go to android settings2.) The fact is that the google play store cannot be signed out that easily because there is no direct link. The user will have to go to the Android phone settings, click on accounts and sync and then choose the account which they wish to sign out from. This will help the user sign out of the Google account, and hence the play store as well.
select google3.) To execute the procedure above correctly, the exact procedure would be to open settings, click on accounts and sync, click on the user’s account and click on remove account option on the upper right-most corner. This is as easy as it gets!
remove gmail account

The second technique on how to sign out of google play store need only be used incase the first technique fails miserably! This is also a very simple method.

1.) The other technique that can be used to sign out of the google play store in an android device is by downloading an android application from the play store itself.

2.) Since the google play store is directly linked to the user’s google account, they can easily download apps for free from the play store itself, that will allow the users to sign out from the google play store.

3.) There is an application called ‘Log Out’ on the google play store. The user will just have to download it onto his or her android device and install it completely.

4.) Then finally, the user will just have to click on log out from all accounts. This will allow the user to sign out from google account and the google play store as well.
use log out app

The third technique is a method that can be used if the first two methods do not produce the desired result.

1.) The user can open his or her gmail account which is linked to their Google accounts. Then the user can simply click and drop down the left bar and click on manage accounts option. After this, the user will have to simple click on the account itself and choose the option Remove account.
go to gmail & click on manage account2.) This will remove that particular Google account from the Android device and sign the user out of Google as well.
remove gmail account3.) Now, when this happens, the user will automatically get signed out from the google play store as well.

So guys, go ahead and use these methods wisely! Signing out of the google play store has never been an easier task than it is today! Use these methods at their absolute disposal!

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