How to track a cell phone location without installing software

how to track a cell phone location without installing software

Losing your cell phone is the last thing you want to do on the ground. When you create chaos and your phone is in the wrong position maybe for one minute, not to mention losing it completely. But just like any of those inevitable conditions, poor placement of your phone is not in your hands and can happen at any time. You can choose to track it, but what if you have already lost the phone? Tracking software simply cannot be installed now. Or, what if you want to locate people without their knowledge at all? Then how to track a cell phone website without installing software or at least make it undetectable? Is it possible to do this in the first place? Read on to find out

how to track a cell phone location without installing software

#Part 1: Is it possible to track the cell phone location without installing software?

It is definitely possible to track a cell phone without using any software. All modern operating systems come with an algorithm that enables you to locate any phone from another remote device. This software accesses your device via GPS and continuously sends you feedback from its location.

But OS-based tracking becomes useless in any of the following cases:

* Turn off the phone

 *Turn off GPS and your cellular network

Apple devices come with the “lost mode” feature to lock the device directly when turned on. These features are not available in Android and Windows. The next section explains how you can track your phone using the Android operating system and what are all its drawbacks

#Part 2: How to track a cell phone website without installing software

Android devices come with the Android device manager. Sync with your Google account and use it to track or erase data from your lost phone. This is a tracking system built into Android. Once set up on your phone, you can access and monitor it from any other remote device from anywhere in the world. To activate this,

Step 1 – Install the Android Device Manager. From Google Play if it is not already installed

Step 2 – Next, this app should be allowed to wipe the phone in case of an emergency. To do so, go to app settings and activate it as device manager

Step 3 – Start the application and log in with your Google Account and activate it

Step 4 – Next, you should continue running the application on the background of your phone. To do that

-1Go to settings

-2Click Android Device Manager

-3Activate the pole

It enables this feature on your phone. When it is lost, you can visit the official Google Play website, click on the Android Device Manager which will show the location of your device. There is also a similar feature available on Windows. After “Find my phone” settings, you can visit the Windows website to track your phone.

However, both of these solutions suffer from one common defect. If anyone resets the device and restores your phone to factory settings, then the Android device manager and search for my phone will stop working. There is no remote lock facility and no way to locate your phone anymore. This is the place where Spyzie comes in. This program can do whatever the standard operating system fails and keep both the phone and the data safe in the event of a loss.

#Part 3: How to track a cell phone website by Spyzie

how to track a cell phone location without installing software

Spyzie is the solution as it is the alternative solution to the question of how to track a cell phone website. You will need to install the app on the target phone first, it takes only a minute, and the app works in stealth mode and is completely undetectable. This program was developed as a telephone spy and parental control. Aside from GPS tracking feature, it can also monitor text messages, phone calls, and what is unique is that you can access your lost phone from a remote location from another phone or computer with Spyzie. It is recommended that you install Spyzie once you purchase: the phone. You can do this via the following steps:-

Step 1: Register a free account and complete the setup process

Step 2: On the Setup Wizard page, click the “Add a device” option. Then

-1Select “Add a phone”

-2Click on “Choose a platform”

-3(Choose Android or iPhone OS)

Step 3: During the setup process, you must install the Spyzie app on the target phone. For this, you can enable downloading from “unknown sources” under the Security option in the Settings app. Please note that all permission requests must be allowed in this step. When the service is activated once, the application icon will be automatically deleted

Step 4. Once you have completed all the steps, you can view the website from the control panel on any of your devices.

A surface map will appear along with showing both your location and the current location of the device. With Spyzie, you can see the exact places where your phone was along with the mentioned time. Additionally, there is no way that anyone can factory reset your phone or turn off GPS as you have already closed it beforehand. Thus, all of your data is protected from unwanted access.

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