How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

mouse acceleration in windows 10

Playing with the mouse is something we did in childhood. But as we get older, this game started to bother us. As a result, there are people especially those who use windows 10 all over the world seeking to have an answer about how to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10. But in order to solve the problem of mouse acceleration first, we will need to know a few basic things.

What is a mouse?

A computer mouse is one of the primary peripherals used to enter information. Every computer owner has and is actively using it every day. Correct equipment configuration will simplify the work, and each user individually adjusts all the parameters for themselves. Today we’d like to talk about mouse acceleration in Windows 10.

What is mouse acceleration?

Mouse drivers on your device calculate mouse movement. Your device cursor will move around the screen at a constant, constant speed depending on your settings and cursor distances will increase if the mouse is moved quickly. Actually, mouse acceleration is a standard speed setting, to specify the mouse speed when moving from one point to another on the screen.

Mouse acceleration is a different system to improve mouse movement. The cursor distance on the screen largely relies on the speed of the mouse movement. For example, a user moves their mouse 6 cm in 6 seconds and the cursor travels 300 pixels across the screen. With acceleration, if the mouse is moved by the same 6 cm but in 2 seconds, the cursor travels 900 pixels – five times the distance of the slower movement.

Type of mouse acceleration :

There are three major types of mouse acceleration :

Positive mouse acceleration:

It means that you are moving your mouse faster. This is the most common application and you can find it in Windows (under Enhance pointer precision) and in many games. Some games let you modify the strength of acceleration.

Negative mouse acceleration:

it’s a different way  – if your mouse is moving fast, the cursor will go less distance. This is an unwanted way and could mark some type of input or performance problem because the game is projecting mouse input data, but more commonly mouse control application is botched and not tested properly.

Integration of positive and negative mouse acceleration:

where the game virtually rejects low-speed movement of mouse and camera just staying still. Positive acceleration is applied to medium speed movements and there is also strong negative acceleration to high-speed mouse movements.

How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration Windows 10 :

Step 1. Choose the compressed folder Compressed folder containing mouse acceleration removal application “MarkC_Windows_10 + 8.x + 7 + Vista + XP_MouseFix_Builder”  Extract files from it

Step 2. Four files will be extracted. Double-click  “MarkC_Windows_10 + 8.x + 7 + Vista + XP_MouseFix_Builder” defined as “text file” VBScript  In the window that will open, press “Open”

Step 3. A small window will open to select the OS. Enter the code that matches your system, followed by the developer caption (“1” for Windows XP and Vista, “2” for Windows 7 and “3” for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10)

Step 4. In the next window, keep the percentage 100% and click  ”ok”

Step 5. The next step is to determine the speed of the indicator

Step 6. In the next window, enter “0” to remove mouse acceleration, then press “ok”

Step 7. In the next step, keep the code “1 to 1”. This will move each mouse to match the movement of the cursor. Click “ok”

Step 8. A window will open for you to specify the location where the log file will be saved (in this tutorial, we chose the desktop). Give “OK”

Step 9. Finally, there will be a window to confirm your mouse correction details. If everything is as specified, click  “OK”

Step 10. The program will display a message stating that the log file has been saved. When you click “OK”, you will see a new window warning that the recording has not yet been applied. To do so,  click “Yes” and restart the computer.

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