How To Turn off Screen Overlay on Android Devices

How to fix Screen Overlay Detected on Android Devices?

Nowadays many android users are facing screen overlay detected error while using apps on their devices but have got one ultimate way to fix screen overlay detected error on any android device.

How To Turn off Screen Overlay

There are a large number of phones which are running the Android operating system. Many applications are available in Play Store for running them over this operating system. One should select the applications which are available from Play Store. If you are choosing applications from other sources then it can likely cause one or the other issue in your device.

When you are using Marshmallow or above version on your Android phone then it will provide a feature of overlaying the applications. Many times there are situations where there is clashing of the permissions which we have allowed. It will result in the issue of “Screen Overlay Detected” when running such applications. Follow below procedure on how to turn off screen overlay to fix your Android device.

How to turn off Screen Overlay on Android Devices

We have discussed here a few of the steps which one should follow to remove the issue of screen overlay. These methods are developed based on the identification of behaviour of applications and its effect.

  1. In this case, initially launch the settings applications available in your device. One can find this application either on their home screen or from the app drawer.
  2. After opening the settings application, you can scroll down to reach the option for Applications. It will open different applications available on your device.
  3. Now click on Application Manager and then click on More which is located in the top right corner to open a menu.
  4. It will allow you to select the applications which you are willing to make it appear on the top. This will help you to control the screen overlay error.
    Screen Overlay on Android Devices

By following these steps, the error message will stop appearing when you are opening that application. It will help you to access those applications quite seamlessly without any kind of interruption in their working. This will allow you to use multiple apps one over another while using those applications.

If above method didn’t help you out then you can reset default settings of all apps by going into Apps Settings of your device. This will just reset all default settings of your Android phone without removing any data of apps. Hope this fix screen overlay issue on your device and your device again started working as earlier.

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