How to Use Textra on your PC

How to Use Textra on your PC

Textra is an application that allows you to modify the Android SMS application completely. It has about 200 topics that you can browse to find another search for the application. Moreover, you can tweak alerts and notices. You can also make extraordinary notifications by contacting each person’s goal with their ringtone or alarm in your contact list. 

How can Textra be used on your desktop?

Textra is a fast and best message application for PCs. Users can send a message and MMS without interference in this application. This is an excellent application with a lot of unbelievable customization that gives a user a remarkable massage experience. Textra looks smooth, fast, and easy to use. It works with all devices unbelievably. If you find any problems, your customer service will solve your problem in less than one day. We should say that it’s a spectacular application to use and gives everything you need every day.

Individuals who are tired of using the default app can use Textra on their Android phones. It gives a new and cool look at cell phone information and is a famous choice for people who like messages.

Consider how you can use Textra desktop. Although no Textra Windows application is currently available, you can use it on your PC anyway.

You can also legitimately take photographs from the application, making it easy to send images without shutting the delivery person off. Moreover, the application is free, so you can make unlimited adjustments without spending a dime.

Using Textra desktop

You can use Textra to personalize your Android message application as you need. On Textra, there are more than 200 themes that can help you look for your Android messaging application.

You can include your notification ringtone and alarm to each contact with this application. In this way, you can remember them with a notification sound when someone messages you.

This application also allows you to capture photos so that you don’t have to close the window to open the Camera app. This app spares a ton of time and makes it easy for you to use your Android messaging application.

How to Install Textra Desktop

Although Textra is currently only accessible to Android devices, it can be used on your desktop using the methods listed below. 

An Android emulator is the perfect spot for Android applications on your desktop. Many users use emulators to install gaming applications on their PC. The Textra app supporting Android devices can be installed with an emulator.

Emulators for Textra desktop

An emulator is a kind of application that allows you to run Android on a desktop. It does this by creating an Android operating system version on your PC.

There are plenty of alternatives for Android emulators out there. Here are two of our best options to run Textra on your desktop.

Using MeMu App Player on Desktop for texting.

MeMu is one of the most important emulators out there. It allows you to run Textra efficiently on your desktop. MeMu is meant for gamers. MeMu performs smoothly and supports graphics.

MeMu’s main disadvantage is that it depends on an older Android version. But without any problem, you can run Textra Desktop.

How to run Textra Desktop using MeMu?

  • Download and install MeMu online for Free 
  • Start MeMu
  • Once started, MeMu will prompt you to log in to your Google account.
  • You will need to download Textra from the Play Shop when you sign up for your Google account.
  • Launch Textra Desktop

To run Textra desktop using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is another incredible alternative for people who need Textra running on their desktops. It’s Android’s most famous emulator out there. It has an extraordinary development group that continually refreshes the application.

Like MeMu, you can create custom alternate shortcuts that allow you to benefit from the highlights of Textra. The main disadvantage of using Bluestacks is that there are free promotions. These can disturb a few users and sometimes slow down your app.

How to run Textra desktop using Bluestacks

  • Downloading and installing your desktop Bluestacks
  • Bluestacks will prompt you to sign up for your Google account when you start
  • You are required to download Textra from the Play Store when you sign in with your Google account.
  • Textra launch

Cost of using Textra

Textra is a wonderful message application that offers all the features free of charge. The app displays different ads. If you want to delete ads, you should buy Textra to get rid of ads. The fee is $2.99. Moreover, Textra’s premium version is too justified.

Textra has some features to offer


Different topics help you to customize your message application. You can even browse and use additional topics for free. These topics look great on your giant desktop screen.


This application contains Android, Twitter, and iOS sorts of emoticons. In these lines, you can use anything like this to make your talk even more intriguing. These emoticons also support your workplace superbly. They show no question marks or anything that does not ensure what you use.

Customize notifications

You can change your text box color, the text box’s style, and even the alert style. Almost everything in this messaging application can be modified. Whatever the case, if you run Textra on your PC background, you may miss a couple of alerts.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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